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CT Airports Code
New Haven - Tweed New Haven Airport HVN
Windsor Locks - Bradley Intl. Airport BDL

Bradley International Airport: Windsor Locks (860) 623-3000
Candlelight Farms Airport: New Milford (203)355-2415
Chester Airport: Chester (203)526-2555
Danbury Municipal Airport: Danbury (203) 797-4624
Danielson Airport: Danielson (203)774-5008
Groton- New London: Groton (860)445-8549
Hartford-Brainard Airport: Hartford
Igor Sikorsky Memorial Airport: Stratford (203)576-7496
Johnnycake Airport: Burlington (203)485-9851
Lakeside Airport: Griswold (203)376-9985
Meriden-Markham Airport: Meriden (203)235-3383
Rentschier Airport: East Hartford (203)565-5049
Robertson Airport: Plainville (203)747-5519
Sikorsky Memorial Airport: Stratford (203)576-8166
Simsbury Tri-Town Airport: Simsbury (203)658-4422
Skylark Airport: East Windsor (860)623-8085
Somersfield: Marborough (203)267-299
Tweed-New Haven Airport: NewHaven (203)787-828
Waterbury-Oxford Airport: Oxford (203)264-8010
Windham Airport: Windham (203)423-9348
Woodstock Airport: Woodstock (203)928-4652

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  • Bradley International Airport
  • Groton-New London Airport
  • Sikorsky Memorial Airport
  • Tweed-New Haven Airport

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Airports in Connecticut

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