Connecticut Airports and Major Connecticut Airports

There are total 2 passenger service airports in Connecticut, out of these there are 1 international airports In Connecticut.

Connecticut Airports

Connecticut Airports Code
New Haven - Tweed New Haven Airport
Windsor Locks - Bradley Intl. Airport
Bradley International Airport
Windsor Locks (860) 623-3000
Candlelight Farms Airport
New Milford (203)355-2415
Chester Airport
Chester (203)526-2555
Danbury Municipal Airport
Danbury (203) 797-4624
Danielson Airport
Danielson (203)774-5008
Groton- New London
Groton (860)445-8549
Hartford-Brainard Airport
Igor Sikorsky Memorial Airport
Stratford (203)576-7496
Johnnycake Airport
Burlington (203)485-9851
Lakeside Airport
Griswold (203)376-9985
Meriden-Markham Airport
Meriden (203)235-3383
Rentschier Airport
?East Hartford (203)565-5049
Robertson Airport
Plainville (203)747-5519
Sikorsky Memorial Airport
Stratford (203)576-8166
Simsbury Tri-Town Airport
Simsbury (203)658-4422
Skylark Airport
?East Windsor (860)623-8085
Marborough (203)267-299
Tweed-New Haven Airport
NewHaven (203)787-828
Waterbury-Oxford Airport
Oxford (203)264-8010
Windham Airport
Windham (203)423-9348
Woodstock Airport
Woodstock (203)928-4652
Public Airports 20
Private Airports 28
International Airports 1

The biggest international airport in Connecticut is Bradley International with passenger count 3278035 and smallest airport is Tweed-New Haven with passenger count is 38991. Bradley International on time arrival flight performance is 77.78% when compared to average united states on time arrival flight performance 79.99%. Bradley International on time departure performance is 82.78% when compared to average united states on time departure performance 81.56%.

The total passenger count (Air traffic) from all Connecticut airports is 3317026 which is contributing 0.3869545595823% of the total USA air traffic.

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Bradley International: This airport is located at Windsor Locks city and approximately 1 mile away from central city and it is SSE to city. Bradley International is operated by METRO NASHVILLE ARPT AUTH. The airport is operating from 7/01/1942.The airport manager for Bradley International is KEVIN DILLON, AAE and reachable at 860-292-2003.

Tweed-New Haven: This airport is located at New Haven city and approximately 8 mile away from central city and it is NW to city. Tweed-New Haven is operated by METRO NASHVILLE ARPT AUTH. The airport is operating from 4/01/1940.The airport manager for Tweed-New Haven is JEREMY NIELSON and reachable at 203-466-8833.

Connecticut Airports Precheck status

Connecticut Airport name Precheck status Terminal
Bradley International TRUE A1
Bradley International TRUE A2
Tweed - New Haven FALSE Main
Groton-New London FALSE Checkpoint

Airports in Connecticut

City served Airport name code
Bridgeport Igor I Sikorsky Memorial BDR
Danbury Danbury Muni DXR
Danielson Danielson LZD
Groton (New London) Groton-New London GON
Hartford Hartford-Brainard HFD
Meriden Meriden Markham Muni MMK
New Haven Tweed-New Haven HVN
Oxford Waterbury-Oxford OXC
Plainville Robertson Field 4B8
Willimantic Windham IJD
Windsor Locks Bradley Intl BDL

Connecticut Airports Rank by passenger count and performance

Airport Name Rank FY19 passengers Count Arrival performance Departure performance
Bradley International Airport 53 3278035 77.78 82.78
Tweed-New Haven Airport 317 38991 69.64 72.16