Donald Federer

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Donald Federer

Cleve, OH
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Executive, Administrative, and Managerial is listed as their current occupation. His birth date was listed as 1957-02-15. Donald is sixty-seven. Examples of the alternative name of Donald are Donald F Aderer, Donald Fedeur, Donald Federer, David Federer, Donald Fedner, D Federer. Donald is currently living at 2059 West 104th Str, Cleve, OH 44102-3530. Joseph William Butler, Margie Federer, and four other persons spent some time in this place. Before moving to his current address, Donald lived at 7205 Lawn Ave, Cleveland, OH 44102. According to the residence history, Donald lived with two other people while residing at previous addresses, including Mark David Ferrier, Frank K Garber. (216) 233-8472 (New Cingular Wireless Pcs, LLC), (216) 961-1208 (Ameritech OhioNew Cingular Wireless Pcs, LLC) are Donald's phone numbers. Various documents link the phone number (216) 961-1208 to different owners — Margie Federer, Maria I Lopez, Angela L Marshall, Noemi Grow, Janet Federer, Vickie R Dyson. There is a chance that the phone number (216) 651-0743 is shared by Alfredo Diaz, Janet Federer, Erika Y Morales, Aida M Torres, Sara Lebron. Two persons, including Jeremiah J Herring, Janet Federer, listed the phone number (216) 961-9859 as their own, various documents indicated

Main Address
  • 2059 W 104th St, Cleveland, OH 44102
  • Single Family, Off street, Detached Garage, 2 spaces, 324 sqft garage
  • Four bedrooms, One bathroom
  • Lot Size - 3,920 sqft, Floor Size - 1,244 sqft
  • Parcel ID# 00518094
  • Last Sale Aug 2016 - Price $32,500
  • County: Cuyahoga County
  • Neighborhood: Cudell
  • FIPS: 390351015011007
  • School District: Cleveland Municipal
  • Possible connections via main address - Joseph William Butler, Margie Federer
  • Latitude, Longitude: 41.475344, -81.757532
Historical Addresses
  • 1984 W 54th St, Cleveland, OH 44102
  • 3070 W 104th St, Cleveland, OH 44111
  • 2401 Prame Ave, Cleveland, OH 44109
  • 2052 W 44th St, Cleveland, OH 44113
  • 7205 Lawn Ave, Cleveland, OH 44102
  • Possible connections via historical records - Frank K Garber
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Donald G Federer

Hebron, OH
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The birth date was listed as 1-09-1932. Donald lives at 625 Lakeshore Driv E, Hebron, OH 43025-9711 at present. Jean L Federer, Mike J Federer, and three other persons spent some time in this place. (740) 928-7985 (United Tel Co of Ohio Centurylink), (740) 405-1985 (Aerial CommunicationsUnited Tel Co of Ohio Centurylink) are the only phone numbers for Donald

Main Address
  • 625 Lakeshore Dr E, Hebron, OH 43025
  • Single Family, Attached Garage, 1 space, 264 sqft garage
  • Three bedrooms, One bathroom
  • Lot Size - 0.27 acres, Floor Size - 1,104 sqft
  • Parcel ID# 04112443400000
  • County: Licking County
  • FIPS: 390897586003040
  • School District: Lakewood
  • Possible connections via main address - Jean L Federer, Mike J Federer
  • Latitude, Longitude: 39.934437, -82.440161
  • (740) 928-7985, (740) 405-1985
  • Possible connections via phone numbers - Jean L Federer, Robert Federer
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Possible Surnames

Possible Surnames

The person you are searching for may be listed under a different name. To help you, we've analysed the most common alternative last names (AKA) associated with Donald Federer . Federar, Sederer, Fenderer, Federe, Fedener, Fedeur, Mcromercromer, Mcromer Shy, Shycromer, Fererer, Otty, Mcromer Cromer are possible typos for Federer

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  • Donald Ferderer
  • Donald Benton
  • Donald Feder
  • Donald Johnson
  • Donald Martinez
  • Donald Lebron
  • Donald Davis
  • Donald Schmitt
  • Donald Baker
  • Donald Shy
  • Donald Siebert
  • Donald Nelson

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