How To Find Someone On Facebook

By Tommy Jordan

In this article, we’re going to reveal how effective Facebook is as a tool to find someone from your past. Whether you’re searching for an old-school friend, a former partner, or a long-lost relative, Facebook is the number one place to start your search.

How to find someone on Facebook

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Why Use Facebook To Find Someone

71% of Americans are Facebook users, and around 350 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every single day! This makes Facebook one of the most effective and powerful ways to keep up to date with friends, family, and work colleagues. And if you need to track someone down, Facebook is the best place to start. Plus, if you believe in the concept of six degrees of separation, you’re really only ever 6 Facebook friends away from almost anyone in the world!

How to lookup someone on Facebook

Thanks to Facebook’s wide range of features, it is now easier than ever to find someone on this social media platform. From tagged pictures to users checking into local businesses and participating in public groups, it is undoubtedly one of the most valuable networks for private investigators and law enforcement officers.

5 Steps To Find A Person On Facebook

Here are five basic steps to track someone down using Facebook.

What Details Facebook Won’t Reveal

Unfortunately, depending on a user’s privacy settings, you might not be able to track someone down. Some accounts are private, meaning there is very limited information available to the general public. You can also hide personal information from other Facebook users such as contact information, location, age, relationship status, etc.

Alternative Platforms To Track Someone Down

If your Facebook search hasn’t helped you find the individual you’re looking for, you should also try LinkedIn. This is really effective if the person has a full-time career. LinkedIn has over 706 million users and 50 million listed companies, so if they take their career seriously, it is very likely that you’ll find them on LinkedIn.

Final Thoughts

It can be extremely frustrating to try to track down someone down, whether it’s a long-lost relative, old school friend, or a former flame. But thanks to the rise of social media platforms and user-generated content, it is quite possible to find a missing person or old acquaintance online. It just takes time and persistence!

Last updated on November 11, 2021