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Maine State Facts and Information

ME State Facts. Maine is the easternmost state in the US and borders Canada. Scenic seacoast, beaches, lakes, mountains, and resorts make Maine a popular vacation desination. There are more than 2,500 lakes and 5,000 streams, plus more than 30 state parks to attract hunters, fishermen, skiers, and campers.
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Abbreviation: ME
Counties: Maine Counties
Towns & Cities:
Towns and Cities in Maine
Constitution: 23rd State - March 15th, 1820
NickName: The Pine Tree State
State Flower: white pine cone and tassel
State Tree: Eastern Whitepine
State Bird: Black-capped Chickadee
State Fish: landlocked salmon
State Animal: Moose
State Mineral: Tourmaline
State Cat:
Maine Coon Cat
State Insect: honeybee
State Song: "State of Maine Song"
Land Area: 33,265 sq. mi
Highest Point: Mt.  Katahdin
Lowest Point: Sea Level at the Atlantic Ocean
Border States: Massachusetts (S), New Hampshire (W/SW)
Area Codes: 207

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maine Maine

Production of Paper, Wood Products, Low Bush Blueberries, Fishing, Seafood and Lobster.

Places of Interest:
Cadillac Mountain - Acadia National park is the Highest peak on the U.S. east coast.
Baxter State park in Maine's highland forests is great for camping, hiking and water skiing.

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