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College Radio Stations
WBHM - 90.3 FM - Birmingham, AL (NPR News and Classic Radio Broadcast live from the University of Alabama) [Listen Live]
WUAL - 88.7 FM - Muscle Shoals, AL (University of Alabama) Public Radio, Classical and Jazz [Listen Live]

UALR - 90.5 FM - Little Rock, AR (Public Radio and Classical (University of Arkansas) [Listen Live]

KUSC - 91.1 FM - Thousand Oaks, CA (Univ of Southern California) - Classical [Listen Live]
KUCI - 88.9 FM - Irvine, CA (University of California) Eclectic Music >Listen Live
KSSU - 1580 AM - Sacramento, CA (California State University - Sacramento State Radio) [Listen Live]
KCSB - 91.9 FM - Santa Barbara, CA (University of CA) Sports, News, Hip Hop, Rock, Eclectic, Latin, Jazz, Raggae, News[]
KCPR - 91.3 FM - San Luis Obispo, CA (Cal Poly State University) Alternative [Listen Live]
KDVS - 90.3 FM - Davis, CA (University of CA) - Alternative and Punk Rock [Listen Live: mp3-bandwidth; low, high | real audio-low/high]
KSJS - 90.5 FM - San Jose, CA (San Jose State University): Top 30, Urban, Subversive Rock, Electronic, World, Jazz, Specialty Shows[Listen Live]
KSUN - 91.5 FM - Rohnert Park, CA (Sonoma State University) Alternative Rock Radio [Listen Live]
KRFH -- 610 AM - Arcata, CA (Humboldt State University) - Radio Free Humboldt- Alternative Rock [Listen Live]
KCSM - 91.1 FM - San Mateo, CA (College of San Mateo) Jazz [Listen Live]
KNCA - 89.7 FM - Burney, CA (Southern Oregon College) - Jefferson Public Radio (NPR) [Listen Live]
KPBS - 89.5 FM - San Diego, CA (San Diego State University) NPR [Listen Live]
KPCC - 89.3 FM - Pasadena, CA (Pasadena City College) Talk, News, Weather [Listen Live]

WVUD - 91.3 FM - Newark, DE - Non Commercial Educational Radio (University of Delaware) [Listen Live]

- 89.3 FM - Evanston, IL (Northwestern University): Continental Drift, Freeform, Rock, Jazz, Street Beat, News, Sports [Listen Live: | ]
WPGU -107.1 FM - Champaign, IL ROCK AND ALTERNATIVE ROCK [Listen Live]
WIIT - 88.9 FM - Chicago, IL (Illinois Institute of Technology) Classical to modern, and everything in between, WIIT offers variety [Listen Live]

WISU - 89.7 FM - Terre Haute, IN (Indiana State University) -  Rock "Jam it or Cram It" - [Listen Live]
WGCS - 91.1 FM - Goshen, IN "The Globe" (Goshen College) Folk, BLuegrass, Americana , BBC News, PRI News, International News and Music, alternative contemporary [Listen Live]

WOI --- 640 AM - Ames, IA (Iowa State University) - WOI Radio Group, Radio Group News, NPR [Listen Live]
KRUI - 89.7 FM - Iowa City, IA (The University of Iowa) [Listen Live]

KHCC - 90.1 FM - Hutchinson, KS (Hutchinson Community College) - Classical, Jazz, Talk [Listen Live]
KHCD - 89.5 FM - Salina, KS (Hutchinson Community College) - Classical, Jazz, Talk [Listen Live]
KHCT - 90.9 FM - Great Bend, KS (Hutchinson Community College) - Classical, Jazz, Talk [Listen Live]

WUOL - 90.5 FM - Louisville, KY (University of Louisville) Classical [Listen Live]
WRFL - 88.1 FM - Lexington, KY (University of Kentucky) Talk, Reggae, Hip Hop,World Music, Soul, Blue Grass [Listen Live]

KSLU - 90.9 FM - Hammond, LA (Southeastern Louisiana Univ.) Talk, Rock, Blues, News, PRI, BBC, World Music [Listen Live: High Stereo | High Speed | Low Speed]

WMHB - 90.5 FM - Waterville, ME (Colby College), Eclectic, Rock, Irish, Hip Hop, World, Talk, News, Bluegrass, Jazz, Gospel, Indy, Ska/Punk, R&B, Folk, Metal [Listen Live]
WMPG - 90.9 FM - Portland, ME (University of Southern Maine) - News, Classic Rock,Indy, Folk, Classics and More [Listen Live w/ Shoutcast | Real Audio]
WRBC - 91.5 FM - Lewiston, ME (Bates College) World Music, Jazz, Rock, Metal, Punk/Ska, Classic Rock, HipHop, R&B, Country, Swing [Listen Live]

WMUC - 88.1 FM - College Park, MD (University of Maryland) Freeform College Radio: Rock,Hip Hop, Folk, Pop, Indie, Punk Rock, raggae, jazz, latin, Ska, Bluegrass, Classical []
WTMD - 89.7 FM - Towson, MD (Towson University) Talk (NPR), Classic Rock, Reggae, Eclectic, World [Listen Live]

WAMH - 89.3 FM - Amherst, MA (Amherst College)  Indie/Rock, Hip-Hop/Rap, Jazz, Classical, Electronic, Miscellaneous, Blues, World, Punk/Ska/Emo, Jam, Talk, Funk [Listen Live: Win Amp/iTunes | windows media player | real player ]
-100.1 FM - Waltham, MA (Brandeis University) Sports, Jazz, Blues, Classic Rock, Rock, Punk Rock, World [Listen Live: | | ]
WBUR - 90.9 FM - Boston, MA (Boston University) - News (NPR) [Listen Live]
WCFM - 91.9 FM - Williamstown, MA (Williams College) Rock, Jazz [Listen Live]
- 88.5 FM - Amherst, MA (University of Massachusetts): Classical, Jazz, World, Folk, Talk, News (NPR)[Listen Live]
WMBR - 88.1 FM - Cambridge, MA (M.I.T.):  wide range of music shows, public affairs programs and eclectic audio entertainment. Soul, R&B, World [Listen Live: | High | Medium | Low ]
WMFO - 91.5 FM - Medord, MA (Tufts University) Free form radio, mixed music,alternative, world [Listen Live]
WPIR - 90.1 FMC- Worcester, MA (Worcester Polytechnic Inst.)  jazz, folk, ska, techno, industrial, metal [Listen Live: high | medium | low]
WZBC - 90.3 FM - Newton, MA (Boston College) Talk and Rock [Listen Live]

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