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Alternative / Alternative Rock and Indie
KCPR - 91.3 FM - San Luis Obispo, CA (Cal Poly State University) Alternative [Listen Live]
KCRW - 89.9 FM - Santa Monica, CA (Mixed Music - Everything from Rock, Be Bop, NPR - Talk Radio [Listen Live]
KCXX -103.9 FM - Lake Arrowhead, CA (Alternative Rock) [Listen Live]
KCSB - 91.9 FM - Santa Barbara, CA (University of CA) Sports, News, Hip Hop, Rock, Eclectic, Latin, Jazz, Raggae, News[]
KDVS - 90.3 FM - Davis, CA (University of CA) - Alternative and Punk Rock [Listen Live: mp3-bandwidth; low, high | real audio-low/high]
KSJS - 90.5 FM - San Jose, CA (San Jose State University): Top 30, Urban, Subversive Rock, Electronic, World, Jazz, Specialty Shows[Listen Live]
KSUN - 91.5 FM - Rohnert Park, CA (Sonoma State University) Alternative Rock Radio [Listen Live]
KRFH -- 610 AM - Arcata, CA (Humboldt State University) - Radio Free Humboldt- Alternative Rock [Listen Live]
KCSU - 90.5 FM - Fort Collins, CO (Colorado State University) Rock and Alternative [Listen Live]
KGNU - 88.5 FM - Boulder, CO - Independant Community Radio - Wide Variety of Music, Talk and Shows[Listen Live]
WMNF - 88.5 FM - Tampa, FL - Wide Variety of Music: Alt-Country, Latino, Florida Folk, Talk Radio, Jewish, Oldies, Caribbean, BLues, R&B, Reggae, Alternative, Jazz, Salsa, Blue Grass, Psychedelia, Hip Hop, Metal, Electronica, and more [Listen Live]
WTKS -104.1 FM - Orlando, FL - Real Radio 104, Alternative Music [Listen Live]
WPGU -107.1 FM - Champaign, IL ROCK AND ALTERNATIVE ROCK [Listen Live]
WIIT - 88.9 FM - Chicago, IL (Illinois Institute of Technology) Classical to modern, and everything in between, WIIT offers variety [Listen Live]
WMHB - 90.5 FM - Waterville, ME (Colby College), Eclectic, Rock, Irish, Hip Hop, World, Talk, News, Bluegrass, Jazz, Gospel, Indy, Ska/Punk, R&B, Folk, Metal [Listen Live]
WRBC - 91.5 FM - Lewiston, ME (Bates College) World Music, Jazz, Rock, Metal, Punk/Ska, Classic Rock, HipHop, R&B, Country, Swing [Listen Live]
WMUC - 88.1 FM - College Park, MD (University of Maryland) Freeform College Radio: Rock,Hip Hop, Folk, Pop, Indie, Punk Rock, raggae, jazz, latin, Ska, Bluegrass, Classical []

WAMH - 89.3 FM - Amherst, MA (Amherst College)  Indie/Rock, Hip-Hop/Rap, Jazz, Classical, Electronic, Miscellaneous, Blues, World, Punk/Ska/Emo, Jam, Talk, Funk [Listen Live: Win Amp/iTunes | windows media player | real player ]
WFNX -101.7 FM - Lynn (Boston), MA - Alternative Rock []
WMFO - 91.5 FM - Medord, MA (Tufts University) Free form radio, mixed music,alternative, world [Listen Live]

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