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Last Will & Testament Legal Forms Software
Prepare today for the financial future of your loved ones with a Last Will and Testament! This Standard Legal Software package allows anyone to quickly and easily create a comprehensive Last Will & Testament document that is tailored specifically to most every personal situation. Don't let the court decide the outcome of your estate! Don't delay the distribution of your assets to your loved ones! Write your Last Will & Testament today with Standard Legal Software!
Living Will Legal Forms Software (with Power of Attorney)
Prepare in advance for a variety of health-emergency situations with a Living Will! Give specific details and instructions about your healthcare to your friends and family with this Standard Legal Software Living Will program. This Advanced Healthcare Directive contains not only the Living Will documents, but also a Health Care Power of Attorney document and a Durable Property Power of Attorney document! A great value! Choose the most comprehensive Living Will package available -- direct from The Standard Legal Network!


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Wills and Living Wills

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