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Delaware State Facts

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DE State Facts
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Abbreviation: DE
Counties: Counties in Delaware
Towns & Cities:
Towns and Cities in Delaware
Constitution: 1st State (Adopted in Convention, June 4th, 1897)
NickName: The first state
State Flower: peach blossom
State Tree: American Holly
State Bird: Blue Hen Chicken
State Song: "Our Delaware"
Land Area: 1,933 sq. mi.; 49th
Highest Point: Ebright Azimuth; 442 feet
Lowest Point: Atlantic coast; Sea level
Border States: Pennsylvania (N), New Jersey (E and NE), Maryland (W)
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State Flower
Delaware State Flower, Peach Blossom
Peach Blossom
State Tree
Delaware State Tree, American Holly
American Holly
State Bird
delaware state bird, blue hen chicken
Blue Hen Chicken
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