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New Homeowners often get calls from companies claiming they have "won" a free home security system. Of course this is a sales pitch for home security monitoring serices. They give you the free system but lock you into a contract you must pay monthly for them to monitor your home security system.

Another part of the sales pitch is that you can save money on your homeowners insurance if you have a home alarm. While this is true, you should have a security system for the added security, not for savings. Honestly, the montly monitoring services are going to cost you far more than you actually save from insurance savings.

Home Security Systems and Monitoring Services Home Security Systems - Not for Saving, but for Safety.

A major sales pitch of home security systems and monitoring services is the amount you can save on your home owners insurance. The truth is.... you might save up to 20%. That is about $14 per month for the average homeowner. Not a huge savings but these days every bit helps. Do not get a home security system for the savings. Get one for the safety. That $168 a year savings is nothing compared to your safety, the safety of your family, personal property, and peace of mind.

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