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District of Columbia Law and Legal Resources
District of Columbia
Law and Legal Resources
State and US Law and Legal Resources online. Here you will find Attorneys, Background Checks, Bar Associations, US Courts and Judiciary sites, Online Legal Documents, Criminal Justice Degrees Online, Popular Law Schools, State Sex offender registries, databaseand people searches, Office supplies, and additional Law and Legal Resources.

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Bar Associations
District of Columbia Bar Association
US Bar Associations

Consumer Help

Courts in the US

Criminal / Civil Records Search

Law Schools
Criminal Justice Degrees Online
Law Schools
US Colleges, Universities and Trade Schools

Legal Documents Online
Legal Documents Online

USA News

Office Supplies

National Capital Area Paralegal Association (NCAPA) (District of Columbia)
Paralegal Associations and Resources (US)

People Searches

Sex Offender Registries
Sex Offender Registries

State By State 
State By State Law and Legal Resources

Background Checks
Background Checks, Criminal & Civil Records Search, Instant State & Nationwide Criminal Records Search, Personal Identity theft reports, people locators, and other databases 
Criminal Justice Degrees Online
online degrees
Criminal Justice Degrees Online
Five Excellent Colleges offering online degrees. Four offer Criminal Justice Degrees and One offers Legal Services.

*Online Degree Tip
With online degrees you can get your degree from anywhere with Internet access. Since you are not limited to specific times and places you should investigate (get information from) all of them to pinpoint the College that is perfect for you.
Criminal Justice Degrees Online

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