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Business and Human Resources
Incorporation and LLC
Articles of Incorporation
Incorporation Package (Florida)
Incorporation Package (Texas)
LLC Articles of Organization (Texas)
LLC Formation (Florida)
LLC Formation (Texas)
LLC Operating Agreement

Partner and Joint Venture
Assignment of Partnership Interest
Business Plan
Joint Venture Agreement
Notice of Withdrawal from Partnership
Partnership Agreement
Partnership Amendment
Purchase and Sale of Business

Intellectual Property Forms
Confidentiality/Non_Disclosure Agreement
Software License Agreement
Trademark Assignment
Trademark Search (Simple)
Trademark Search (Comprehensive)
Trade Name Assignment

Music/Entertainment Forms
Band Partnership Agreement
Performance Agreement
Music Recording Contract

Human Resource Forms
Compensation Agreement
Confidentiality/Non_Disclosure Agreement
Employee Evaluation
Employee Privacy Police Statement
Employee Warning Letter
Employee Contract
Employee Offer Letter
Employment Termination Letter

Service Related Forms
Catering Service Agreement
Childcare Services Agreement
Cleaning Searcinces Agreement
Computer Services Agreement
Consulting Agreement
General Service Agreement
Independent Contractor Agreement
Model and Entertainment Release
Performance Agreement

Other Forms
Amending Agreement
Business Plan
Certificate of Proof of Execution
Hold-Harmless (Indemnity) Agreement
Letter of Intent
Personal/Corporate Guarantee
Release Agreement (Waiver)
Termination Agreement

Law and Legal Resources > Legal Documents > Business and Human Resources

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