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Welcome to the Official USA Directory of Stores, Shopping Malls, Outlet Stores and Gift Shops. is a directory of United States Directories. The Mall (Online Shopping) portion of the site links to popular Stores, Shops, and Shopping malls throughout the U.S.

When you shop using links within this shopping directory, you can be certain you are going to the official store. You can also be sure the stores where you intend to shop have a presence within the United States. This is very important, not only for the businesses of the United States, but it also gives you consumer protection resources. If you make a purchase outside of the country and it ends up being a fraudulent transaction, you might be out of luck. Or even worse.... you could have your credit card or identity stolen (Not saying this will happen, but you should always be cautious when offering your credit card information).

We will also provide links to sales, discounts, special offers and coupon codes whenever possible.

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