Ted Stevens Anchorage international

Ted Stevens Anchorage international

Ted Stevens Anchorage international on US Map

Ted Stevens Anchorage international

Ted Stevens Anchorage international is a large airport in Alaska and it is widely known for its base for a cargo airline. Some of the largest cargo airlines that serve the east and western areas are found in this airport, this is why it is tagged as the fourth busiest airport in the world when it comes to cargo services. It still boasts of very robust commercial flight services; with 38% of its aircraft operations are commercial.  It is among the largest cargo airport in the United States, also earning this prestige for its characteristic anchorage since the time of its inception.

Address and Map

5000 W International Airport Rd, Anchorage, AK 99502, USA

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History  of Ted Stevens Anchorage international

Ted Stevens Anchorage was developed in 1951 and is named after the senator Ted Stevens who represented Alaska form 1968 to 2009. It started with the Alaska airline and also had others join in within a short period. It is situated in Alaska and since 1958 was popularly known for anchorage. The reason for this was the importance of making a stop and the inability of flying over the Atlantic Ocean without an anchorage. 

However, the way had an impact on it, reducing the airline that did stop over for anchorage. However, cargo airlines continue to benefit from anchorage as it is less costly for them. A lot of airlines from Britain, China, Japan and others like Scandinavia used anchorage during its early years.

Modern Ted Stevens Anchorage international

Even in modern times, the Airport is still best known for cargo services, from 2006 a lot of infrastructural changes and development started taking place in the airport. New terminal started taking shape, also focus shifted to building comfortable facilities for guest and a double tap down on the computerization of the operational aspects of the airport. This led to some major changes that help in an upgrade.

 While the airport is said to have suffered some losses from commercial flight service after observing a decline of commercial flight customers since 2017, the air cargo arm of the airport continues to thrive and flourish. It is home to some of the best cargo companies, such as FedEx, Ups, and united parcel hub service.

38% of its over 200,000 aircraft operations are for commercial operations, while are for air cargo operations and it is home to 109 aircraft.



 The airport has two terminals, of which one is called the northern terminal and the other the southern terminal. The southern terminal houses, united airways, condor airlines, JetBlue airline, sun country airlines, and Air Canada. Consist of 3 concourses. The northern terminal houses other airlines offer passenger flights in the airport.

 It consists of other facilities such as restaurants, lounges, and malls, that offers to travel a cool shopping experience with a variety of goods. The restaurants also offer great meals and you can get international cooking here.

Airport identification:

official name  Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport
FAA code  ANC
IATA code  ANC

Runway data:

elevation  46 meters
number of runways 3
longest runway length  3530.8 meters

Nearest airports:

Lake Hood Seaplane Base  1 km (kilometer) east-northeast
Lake Hood Strip  2 km (kilometers) northeast
Campbell Lake Spb Seaplane Base  5 km (kilometers) south-southeast


The Ted Stevens Airport has had its own fair share of incidents as they have recorded death due to crashes.  At 1978, 1983, 1977, 2002 different incidents occurred. Two of these incidents resulted in the death of some people. In 1983 the wife of Ted Stevens, of name Ann Stevens was part of a plane crash that took place with one of the airlines.

Customer review

The Ted Stevens airport tries to put customer service as a top priority. They have a fair service and they do well to cover most needed flight option even though not as much as some other airport that is as big as they are. The airport has an average airport space, it is not always crowded, but one might still observe a general rowdiness.

Easy checking process and also car pack and rental services is a huge plus in this airport.

Great Pecs of the Ted Stevens International 

International cargo service

The airport house numerous international air cargos options which high-end companies like FedEx, which is recorded to handle over 200,000 packages in one day and have thousands of people employed in the airport.

Shopping programs

The airport organizes a program where they showcase goods and services to customers, as they do so they also use the opportunity to promote the airport and let customers know that they have their best interest at heart. They engage customers and also employing, setting up prizes for winners of games and raffle draws.

Great car rental Service

The airport offers great car rental service, interlinking rental cars available ones you come out from the southern terminal, it makes things incredibly easier for passengers and there is a continuous push to further consolidate on the services to makes customers even more comfortable.

Flight destinations

The offer flight to different parts of the United States and to some international countries, it houses the following airlines and their offered destinations.

  1. United airline, they offer flights seasonally to San Francisco, Chicago, Newark, Denver and most of the time to Denver.
  2. Su country airlines, they offer flights to Minneapolis and are planning to begin to Las Vegas
  3. Alaska airline is the major and premier airline here, they offer most number of flights, the offer flights to Aniak, McGrath, Fairbanks, King salmon St. Mary, Valdez, Cordova, And Bethel.
  4. Pen Air, offers flights to Cold Bay, Dillingham, King salmon, St. Paul, sand point, Dutch Harbor
  5. Jet blue ways: offers a flight to Portland and Seattle.
  6. Air Canada, offers flights to Vancouver
  7. Alaska airlines offer a flight to Bethel, Dead horse, Honolulu, Kodiak, Los Angeles, Dillingham, Peters burg, Phoenix, Portland, Seattle, Wrangell, Yakutat
  8. American airlines offer a flight to Los Angeles, Dallas, and Phoenix.
  9. Delta airlines offer a flight to Minneapolis, Atlanta, and Seattle.
  10. Air cargo airlines
Airport CodeNumber of FlightsFrequency

Routes from Anchorage Airport

Route Map
Anchorage Airport

The Ted Stevens airport is home to 25 air cargo airline including DHL, FedEx, and USP. The handle cargo packages from Chicago, Bethel, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Cincinnati, Dallas, Hong Kong, Shanghai, St. Mary’s.

The Ted Stevens airport being the fourth busiest airport in the world gets all most of its strength from cargo airlines. Yet it has continued to strengthen commercial airline services to keep expanding in all areas.

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