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Sears Store

  •       Annual Fee:    0
  •       Type of Card:  Rewards Credit Cards

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Card NameSears Store
SummaryThe Sears Store is a points rewards card that incentivizes cardholders to use the card by offering them reward points that can be redeemed for a variety of goods.When applying for a rewards card, look closely at the offered APR and yearly Fee to see if the rewards are worth the costs. With an offered APR rate of 27.49%, the Sears Store has a higher APR than the national average APR range of 18.13% - 24.00% percent. Considering the high APR, prospective cardholders could benefit from looking at other rewards card options.
Annual Fee
Annual Fee DescroptionSears Store does not charge an annual fee for usage. Given that the average annual fee charged for rewards cards is $37.35, Sears Store is a good option for prospective cardholders looking for rewards, but not added costs.
APR Range27.49
APR Desciption
APR Min27.49
CARD_SATISFACTION_SURVEYTo examine the Sears Store against other miles cards from August 2018 to march 2019, OfficialUsa surveyed over 9,000 U.S. card holders to evaluate which cards give the best terms, rewards and customer satisfaction. The results of the survey influence intelligent ratings, satisfaction scores and other comparison measurements.
Card typeRewards Credit Cards
Cash Advance Fee in Percentage5
Cash Advance Fee in Dollars5
Cash advance Minimum APR29.4
Cash Advance rates descrptionCash advance services are provided by issuers to enable cardholders to withdraw cash from their credit line from an ATM, bank or financial institution.Cash advances usually carry high APR and transaction fees, although this can be helpful. The APR average cash advance is 24.46%. Apart from the APR, cardholders of the Sears Store will be charged a cash advance fee of either 5$ OR 5% whichever is greater when using the card for cash.
Late payement Fee38
Returned Payment Fee38
PHONE_CUSTOMER(800) 917-7700
PHONE_SALES(800) 549-4505
ADDRESSSears Card Payments Columbus, Ohio 43218

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