Portland International Airport

Flying through Portland International Airport

In the U.S state of Oregon, Portland International Airport is one of the largest civil-military airports. The airport serves 90% of the passenger and 95% of the cargo services to their customers. The airport is scattered over the large geographical area that covers approximately 3000 acres. The airport is accessible from both south and northeast of the city Portland.

The airport serves for the major flights that mostly connect with the major airports of the United States. In addition, non-stop International flights to Canada, Germany, Japan, and Mexico, Iceland and Netherland are being performed by this airport. It is also serving as a secondary hub for Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air and also serving as a primary hub for Tacoma International Airport. Horizon Air is also responsible for providing the maintenance facilities to this airport.

Due to the immense characteristics, the airport is also serving as a base for the Oregon Air National Guard.

Despite all these, Portland International Airport is currently serving for 18 International and domestic airlines. Around 500 passengers travel daily from this airport. The airport gives the eye-catching sight.

Way to Access

Portland International airport is providing a convenient way to reach and move to and from the airport. Specific systems of transportation have been developing by the airport which is best in light of airport safety as well as provides the best access to travelers. Transportation systems include Light rails, taxi cabs, shuttle bus services, etc. Max light rails and shuttle bus services are providing the best and economical transportation to the travelers. For VIP, taxi cabs are also available. Moreover, like the Orlando International airport, rental car services are also available that gives the invaluable experience to the visitors.


Portland International airport consists of only one passenger terminal that has five concourses and is divided into two sides. Both the two sides are joined beyond with the security also called the Concourse Connector. And that way was first opened in August 2005. The terminal is divided into the South and North sector with five concourses named as A, B, C, D, and the last one is E and different gates varying concourse to concourse.

South Terminal

  • Concourse A has 14 gates (A1–A14)
  • Concourse B has four gates (B1–B4)
  • Concourse C has 23 gates (C1–C23)

North Terminal

  • Concourse D has 15 gates (D1–D15)
  • Concourse E has four gates (E1–E4)

Sixty gates within the two passenger terminals give convenient access to the visitors.

History and expansion of the airport

Swan Island Municipal Airport was the first airport in Portland. Later, the port was purchased 256 acres, and after that, the construction began in 1926. The expansion of the airport was not so easy. The airport used the Swan Island place to extend the current airport. This allowed the larger to flights to stay at this airport.

In 1936, the City Council issued 300,000$ to make this spot a super airport. And this super airport has five runways. The terminal is located on the northern side that led to this airport. The longest 2700m runways were also constructed amid 1952.

During 1952, new terminals were also opened and renovated the existing ones.

Parking lots were also extended during the 90s.

Most of the progress of that airport is the result of the development in the ’90s. Even now the airport is getting progress day by day.

Development for Future

In the near future, the airport will be developed and expanded further. Individual airlines have approved the project to expand the terminals and concourses. Concourse E will be extended, and the operations will be relocated from C to E. Several Airlines like American Airlines, JetBlue Airways have approved this decision. The implement of this development was started in 2017. It is expected that the project will be accomplished amid 2021.

Airport lounges

South Terminal

  • Concourse A: Nill
  • Concourse B: Nill
  • Concourse C: Alaska Airlines –  from Gate C5.

North Terminal

These decisions are part of this project.


The first incident took place at the desolate section of the Mount Hood National Forest, and a plane was crashed there. It was said that the aircraft was not readily running do well. Unfortunately, 18 passengers along with the staff were killed, and no one survived.

The second incident took place on December 28, 1978. The flight was in the route toward Portland International Airport, and the location of departure was Stapleton International Airport, Colorado. Abnormal vibrations and loud thump were resulted because of lowering the landing gear. And this led to the failure of indicator lights of the landing gear. But later, unfortunately, the fuel supply reached to the least level and resulted in the crash of that plane. Around 200 people have died in this incident including the crew on board. Come of them were also got injured.

The third and last accident took place on February 16, 2008. These all the incidents were quite embarrassing for that Airport.

Services and Customer care

Portland International Airport is providing the best facilities to its customers. To ensure the customer’s trust certain facilities have developed within the airport that satisfies the customer needs. The airport is provided with the free of cost Wi-Fi all over the area. All kinds of refreshments, as well as a shop, are there. That allows travelers to spend their best time. Restaurants, Shops, Libraries, Internet and all kinds of facilities are there. The airport is provided with the best security systems that enhance the credibility of that airport. All the staff that is employed serves from 6 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. The airport is provided with the best parking lots that help to manage the traffic. It is constructed beautifully and gives a charming view to their visitors.

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