Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

The airport is situated near the southeast of downtown Phoenix, in Maricopa County, Arizona, United States. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is the joint civil-military airport and among the largest and the busiest airport in Arizona. The airport is considered as the forty-fifth busiest commercial airport in the World ranking. Phoenix served around 44,943,686 passengers as determined by the survey during 2018.

 Being a sixth biggest hub for American Airlines, the airport serves for 300 flights in a daily routine which include departures to around 95 destinations in 4 countries. More than 46% of the passengers were carried from the airport that makes it the airport’s largest carrier of all times.

In addition, the airport is also serving as the most significant operating base for Southwest Airlines that makes 188 daily departures to around 54 countries.


 The history of Sky Harbor Airport’s is much fascinating in my view. The unique name “Sky Harbor” was introduced by J. Parker Van Zandt (the owner of Scenic Airways). The phenomenon behind this unusual name is vague or unknown. But it is said that after the exploitation of the Scenic Airways due to the crash in the stock market, Sky Harbor was among the fourth airport that was built in Phoenix. The airport has consisted upon the single runway at that time.

After the 2nd World War, the airport was expanded, renovated and constructed and come up with a new parallel and diagonal runway. These runways are approximately 1800m long, and the third one is 1700m long.

In 1952, 835,000$ was spent in constructing the terminal 1 along with the Control tower, also known as the West wing of the airport. That terminal was demolished and replaced by the cell phone waiting lot and parking lot.

To eliminate the cross- runways, the airport was redesigned in 1952 to make rooms for a new terminal. And after that, the airport started providing Jet services. The 2nd terminal was opened in 1962. The third terminal was completed in 1979. Since the 2nd terminal also called the East Wing of the airport is still in use.

However, the airport faced a crisis as well as ups and downs in his history. But now it is being listed in the category of large airports.


The airport consists of three runways that cover 3400 acres of the area which include;

  • Runway 8/26 measuring 11,489 ft × 150 ft (3,502 m × 46 m)
  • Runway 7L/25R measuring 10,300 ft × 150 ft (3,139 m × 46 m)
  • Runway 7R/25L measuring 7,800 ft × 150 ft (2,377 m × 46 m)

These are made in a parallel concrete manner as well as the runway allow the aircraft to take-off 900,000+lbs of weight

Easy to Access

 As we have known that the airport is scattered in a large geographical area and that is why there are numerous ways of the entrance have given to the visitors that allows easy access to the airport. The airport consists of three main terminals named as 2, 3, and 4. Terminal 2 has 17 gates that are numbered in consecutive order from 1 to 15th, and the additional two gates are lettered with C and D. Moreover the terminal has three parking lots that help to manage the traffic.

The third terminal was opened in 1979 and has 23 gates that are divided into two parts along with a Building (for security purpose) in its center. The South course houses have around 14 gates. In the North Concourse, there are 15-26 gates. The terminal was remodeled and renamed later.

Terminal 4 is the largest and the busiest terminal as compared to the others. It consists of 86 gates which divide into seven concourses. The terminal is named as “Barry M. Goldwater.”

Ground Transportation

Train and Bus systems have been developed that allow access to the airport terminal inefficient manners like Shuttle Bus Service and Valley Metro Bus, providing the economic convinces toward the airport. In this regard, people feel ease in moving towards the airport.

In addition, there are also some rental car service providers within the limits of the airport that allow their visitor to move without facing any hardship.


On June 27, 1969, N3150Y, a Cessna 182 Sky lane, flying from Hawthorne Airport in Hawthorne, CA to Sky Harbor, hit the high-tension power lines and crashed at 10:48 pm in the Salt River bed while attempting to land on Runway, all the three persons were killed on board. It was the horrifying jerk of that time.

Air Control Tower

On January 14, 2007, the 99m tall control tower was begun in the airport’s operation at that time. It was situated near the terminal 3 parking Garage. This is the fourth and among the tallest control tower in North Africa.

Security Measures

The security checkpoints surround the airport. Weapons are strictly prohibited. All the electronic devices like cell phones; tablets, etc. are being scanned separately. The airport has its security guards who look after the airport from any virulent situation. All these measures are to ensure travelers or visitors to have a safe journey. Moreover, these measures play a vital role to enhance credibility.

Customer Care and Services

The airport is among the largest airports and because of this, people have high expectations. To meet or fulfill their expectations the airport is providing their best facilities to the ultimate extent. The most important thing people do observe is behavior. All the people employed there are so calm and polite and always guide whatever you want to know. All the elements are so managed and cleaned. There are also lots of shops and refreshment centers that provide their visitors with delicious cuisine.

Moreover, the airport has its own museum where people can get to know about the culture of their country. It is quite informative as well as allows visitors to spend their best time. Allows the visitor to shop, almost all kind of International brands are there. Collectively, the airport gives a charming sight.

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