Oakland International Airport

Tripping Through Oakland International Airport

The International Airport of Oakland City, California, is named as Oakland International Airport. The airport is located at a distance of 10 miles from downtown. The airport is serving to a list of cities in the United States. It is owned and administered by Oakland Port. Almost more than 10 million people travel through this airport every year, making it fourth largest airport of California state. More than thirteen airlines are operating on the airport providing their services to more than 50 international and domestic locations.


Around 2600 acres of land is covered by the airport consisting of four runways. The airport became functioning in 1925. With the passage of time, updated equipment is installed in the airport for enhancing the experience of passengers. A premier parking lot was added-on in order to provide ample parking to the travelers. The airport provides passenger services in destinations other than the United States including Mexico, Europe, and Canada. Recently, new cargo additions are made including China and Japan. The airport connects Oakland city with the world. It is a public airport that serves the bay area of San Francisco.

The Significance of the Airport   

The airport is considered as the closest airport to the financial district of San Francisco that makes it the hub for travelers from all over the world. The airport is second largest airport of the bay area after the San Francisco airport, making it a top choice for business and tourist travelers. Oakland is the largest West Coast port that seeks the attention of most of the companies due to its excellent cargo volume. It is the primary hub of international trade of the United States. Oakland is recognized nationally as one of the great travel destinations. The growing number of eateries, bars, renowned music areas and lively nightlife of Oakland draws the attention of tourists from all over the world. The airport not only provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to visit the area but also allows tourists to make a trip to Oakland from all over the world.

Tourism potential

Oakland is a city of art and culture diverting the attention of many artists, ranked as an eleventh largest city for artists. The city provides a wide range of culinary options and diverse cuisines. It is a focal point for musicians as well. The airport is designed in such a manner to cater to the needs of tourists by providing a wide range of dining and shopping options. It contains an escape lounge providing you with a space to relax and enjoy good food. You can book the lounge by using the application. However, booking is also available on the spot. The stay at the airport will not be stressful as a wide range of shopping services are available. Even if one does not have time to visit the markets of the areas, shopping spots available on the airport can help him in this regard. You can also enjoy a wide range of dining options at the airport at affordable prices.


The annual passenger traffic on the airport ranges from 10 to 13 million yearly. There is a significant increase in airport traffic from 1991 from 6 million to 13 million. The number of passengers visiting the airport is almost double as compared to past years. The numbers are expected to increase in the future due to increasing tourism and business rate of Oakland. The air traffic on the airport includes commercial flights, air taxis, general flights, and military aircraft.

No matter wherever you are traveling it is better to reach the airport three to four hours before your flight. As the Oakland airport is small; therefore, you may have to stand in long security queues. Oakland is one of the busiest cities of San Francisco; its bars and nightclubs make the city lively even during night time. You will see streets full of people even late at night. Therefore, you will have to face congested traffic on the roads. It is better to keep a margin of a few hours while you are traveling to the airport. Reaching the airport earlier will keep you safe unpleasant situations. 

Inexpensive Transportation Options

Traveling to or from the airport is not an issue as a wide range of options are available for transportation.

  • Trains – You can use railways for transportation as it is considered as one of the most inexpensive ways. The train stops close to the airport at BART Coliseum station.
  • Bus – There are three bus transit routes that can help you in the airport traveling. Two routes have specific timings while one route is a whole working day. Bus fares are affordable in Oakland making your airport travel pocket-friendly.
  • Shuttles – Many shuttle service providers are available at the airport you can book and avail their services.
  • Taxis – Metered taxis are used in Oakland. Therefore, you can also use a taxi for transportation.


  • Terminals

There are two terminals at the airport. Various gates are connecting both the terminals that enable travelers to go straight to the other terminal, without going into the security checks during connecting flights. There are baggage claim areas, ticketing booths, security checking spots and restrooms on both the terminals. However, terminal 1 also includes duty-free shops, lost and found area, coffee shops and bars.

  • Baby nursing facilities

A proper lounge is created for fulfilling the care and nursing needs of the children. You can comfortably feed your child in the Mamava Suites. Foldable benches and tables are installed along with lockers and USB ports.

  • Gaming Zone

A Golf Link is also a part of the airport in order to make your stay enjoyable. One can avail free rental clubs and can play golf. A small kids’ play area is also designed for making kids pre-flight time active.

  • Oakland Aviation Museum

Right in the corner of the airport, an aviation museum is present. The museum is full of aviation discarded aircraft and other historical items. A walk through the museum can make it easy for you to understand the history and culture of the area.

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