Los Angeles International Airport

Los Angeles international airport is in the top ranking list of all airports in the USA. Statistical performance of the airports makes it rank at no 9 out of 20. It’s a massive airport, having nine terminals that are beautifully constructed. Some terminals look more modern and renovated, but some are too old. There is partial construction to modernize or advancement several terminals and structure which can effect in changes to locations of airline registration desk desks, airline gate projects, and bus-shuttle stops. Let’s discuss the services and facilities available at the airport.

Shops and Restaurants         

The LAX airport has a countless variety of eating place and shops inside each of the terminals, catering for all flavors and needs.

Los Angeles Airport has many restaurants and shops available into it. These outlets terminal outlets. McDonald, Starbucks, Burger King, and many famous restaurants are available for travelers. Shops like In Motion, Hollywood Store, and Hudson News are also available at the airport. Each terminal has food option in advance the security check, and however, for some terminals, this is quite basic. The Tom Bradley Terminal has the most options for pre-security dining. The greatest option for an additional formal mealtime would be the Regular Grill restaurant, situated in Tom Bradley Terminal. The eating place also has a private eating room which can be kept for lunch meetings.

LAX Business Facilities

Los Angeles International Airport abstains a wealth of trade orientated facilities and lounges, allowing even the busiest of explorers to stay on top of the amount of work while in transit. Star Airport Lounge provides full business suites including Wi-Fi, scanner, stationery, and photocopy machines. You can hire a private room there. There are many business services are available at the airport like postal services, cell phone rental, photocopy/fax services, and internet kiosk. Alaska Airlines has a conference room in Terminal. Internet stations are positioned around the airport. The service costs 25c per minute, with a $3 minimum, and you can pay with a card or cash.

LAX Airport Traveler Assistance

Los Angeles International Airport has many traveler assistant facilities, especially for disabled persons. Elevators, ramp ways, telephone booths, wheelchairs, and restrooms. LAX offers elevators nearby public stairways and terminal buildings. LAX public receivers can accommodate wheelchairs. Restrooms in all terminal have extra toilet booths with adjacent grip bars. Wheelchair assistance is providing by all major arranged airlines and be requested at receipt counters. Contact to airport administration for advance wheelchair reservations. A Special Assistance Motor vehicle is available for carrying passengers with disabilities. Disable car parking solution is also available for disabled persons.

Los Angeles Airport Lounges

There are numerous lounges available at the airport. VIP Lounges are accessible by business and first-class travelers, and you can’t access without paying a high fee. Priority Pass allows access to over six exclusive lounges at the airport – entrance can be obtained here by purchasing. Airport lounges are individually free to Primary Class and Business travelers traveling on a particular airline. Contact the airline for additional information.

Lounges by Terminal

  • Terminal 1 – US Airways Club
  • Terminal 2 – Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge, Air New Zealand Koru Club, Hawaiian Airlines Premier Club, Air France Club
  • Terminal 3 – Alaska Airlines Board Room
  • Terminal 4 – American Airlines Admiral’s Club, American Airlines Flagship Lounge, Qantas Club
  • Terminal 5 – Delta Air Lines Sky Club
  • Terminal 6 – Continental Airlines Presidents Club
  • Terminal 7 – United Airlines International First Class Lounge, United Airlines Red Carpet Club
  • TBIT – Star Alliance Lounge, Sky Team Alliance Lounge, One world Alliance Lounge, ElAl King David Lounge, Relax Lounge

Other Services and Facilities

Los Angeles LAX Airport has many other facilities available.

  • Medical Facilities

A medical facility is always available at the airport. Paramedics are still available. In case of an emergency, you can contact any employee, and they can assist patients. There are many hospitals that are also located near the airport

  • First Aid

A station is situated on the higher level of TBIT and is open 10 am to 10 pm every day. Formore severe incidents, please contact an employee or Airport Police.

  • Luggage Storage

There are no lockers for luggage storage at the airport. A company provides off side luggage storage they collect and deliver on pre-arranged time to you.

  • Traveler Information Desks

The Los Angeles Convention & Visitors Bureau is located at 633 West 5th Street, Suite 6000, Los Angeles, CA 90071. Tel: +1 213 624 7300. For further LA visitor information, including transportation option.

  • Traveler Assistance

The Travelers Aid Society has passenger info booths on the lower level for stranded travelers. For more information on facilities and service area for disabled travelers, please visit Traveler Assistance page.

  • WiFi and Internet

WiFi and internet facility is available for travelers.

Layover and Family Facilities

LAX Airport does not have a public shower and change facilities. If you want to use these facilities, you have to pay for using them, or you have to travels to hotels available there. They charge you to use their change room or gym.

  • Travelers with Children

LAX Airport has no play area for children’s, but there are few options available to entertain family while waiting for a flight.

  • Beaches and LA

Those on a lengthier layover may delight in a brief visit to the nearby beach. Do bear in a notice that transportation in LAX can be heavily jammed and so confirm you leave sufficient time to make it back to the airstrip for your flight.

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