Honolulu International airport

Honolulu International airport

Honolulu International airport

Honolulu International airport

Honolulu International airport

Honolulu international airport also called the Daniel K. Inouye international Airport is one of the most popular airports in the state of Hawaii and by far the busiest, this reason cannot be far-fetched, thanks to how attractive Honolulu have been in recent years past. The airport boost of over 31,000 seats booking daily for the airport, for a flight to different parts of the world, like Japan, cities the united states, China, Australia, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Canada, this certainly tops it as one of the busiest airports in the united states.


The Honolulu international came into inception in 1927, it was first called the John Rodgers airport and covered about 4,000 acres of land. It was later renamed to Honolulu airport in 1947 and at the time it has become a major base to many international air carriers. The airport first consisted of bare land strips before it was better developed into what it is today. After Pearl Harbor, the American military took over operations before it went back to the later operators. Today it is run by the Hawaii state department. The airport was reconstructed and restructured severally for further improvement and expansion.  In 1951 it started servicing international flights.

Address and Map of these Airport

Address: 300 Rodgers Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96819, USA

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The significance of Daniel K Inouye International Airport

The United States of America is home to a vast number of 50 differentiated and unique states. Each is reprising their roles to a certain amount of extent, which later on facilitates the very function of America’s economy. It is not just strength in numbers, but it is also in unity.

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful states of America, also home to the most famous historical locations, if you are traveling to the states anytime soon then be sure to pay them a visit. It will definitely be worth it.

There are a vast number of airports operating in Hawaii, and some even have dedicated purposes. As of 2019, there are more than nine operational commercial airports which support both local and international travels. Many of them also support and have extensions for cargo services. Many different companies avail their services to import and export goods on a regular basis.

As Hawaii is also home to some of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world, you must plan accordingly before booking in your tickets because these natural disasters don’t come with a warning sign. Ever!

Airport identification:

official name  Honolulu International Airport
FAA code  HNL
IATA code  HNL

RunWay Data

Elevation  4 meters
number of runways 6
longest runway length  3749 meters

Nearest airports:

Hickam Air Force Base  0.0001 km (kilometers) east
Honolulu International Airport  0.04 km (kilometers) east
Moanalua Medical Center Heliport  6 km (kilometers) north-northeast

Tourism Potential

Hawaii is one of the most primarily visited states of America, with a statistic of around 25-40 million unique visitors annually. If you are planning a visit, and coincidentally traveling to Daniel K International, then there are a vast number of tourist and entertainment spots waiting for you!

Fancy seafood and at the same time have a thing for marine centers where you can enjoy both food and sight delicacies? Then be sure to visit the Living Art Marine Center. Situated at a distance of around half a mile, they will fulfill all of your seafood cravings. Be sure to try their prawn lollipop which is definitely worth it!

If you are a newcomer to the state of Hawaii and want to take in the marvel of this beautiful state thoroughly, then you can book yourself the Mauna Loa Helicopter tour, this is about a mile long away from the airport but will cost you around $30-40.

America is heaven for the historical enthusiasts while visiting the state of Hawaii and most importantly Honolulu, then don’t forget to check out Pearl Harbor Naval base which is at a distance of around four miles from the airport. Certain statues have been erected on the base to honor the sacrifice of the brave soldiers.

Are you craving some authentic Chinese meals after a hectic flight routine? Then be sure to visit Chinatown a visit, this is about at a distance of around four miles, but definitely worth it. The various mouth-watering delicacies will make your day if not the entire week!

Modern Honolulu international airport

From 2006, the airport saw very major restructuring and infrastructural investment by the Hawaii government and the airport was revamped and changed with a plan for it to improve security and customer service.  In 2017 a law was passed for it to be renamed after a former senator who stood for Hawaii strongly during his time, with the Daniel K. Inouye.

The technology was put in place to enhance security and also operational duties. Being one of the most crowded airports in Hawaii, they offer flights going to various cities in the United States and also in the southern American continent.

The airports boost in malls, shops, lounges that make it easy for travelers to get comfortable before flight time.  Their aircraft are also built to afford customers a high level of comfort, priding themselves of comfortable sitting, great food, and cabin facilities for first-class trips. They record over 310,000 flights in a day with commercial fights taking a chunky 52%. It also records 4% as military aviation and 12% as general aviation.  It is home to 200 aircraft of which we have military jets, commercial planes, and helicopter.

Facilities in the Honolulu international airport

  • Terminals

There are 3 terminals; a part of the terminal is made of facilities, where you have shops, cafes, conference rooms, and other customer serving areas. Terminal one is the Hawaii airline base, while terminal 2 is the base of other international airlines, which includes most of the country’s airlines where they offer a flight to. Terminal 3 is also a working base for an airline.

  • Runways

The Honolulu airport has 4 large runways, with one of it as an offshore runway, a recent addition to these are also 2 off-shore designated runways for seaplanes. The first runway was specially designed to actually accommodate the landing of space shuttles; it was called the Reef Runway. Because of the facilities for the naval institution, the runways are run together with the Hickman air force base.

  • Malls

With so many people trooping into the airport daily, the presence of the malls helps to provide what might be lacking. There are malls and restaurant offering food and other items for sale in the airport. This makes it easy to access personal needs without needing to go out of the airport. The malls also pride themselves of offering some kind of international cuisine.

  • Parking spaces

The Honolulu international airport provides commercial parking space for car parking. You can park and pick up when you get back; there are different areas of packing, which are put at different price range based on the length of its stay and a few other factors. 

Customer reviews

The Honolulu airport is surely a crowded one, but they offer a lot of options when it comes to air services. The place is extremely busy at all times. They offer good food and reasonably great customer service. The vast airport gives you value when it comes to international flights.

Great specs of Honolulu international airport

  • Quite a number of facilities

It is a more spacious airport than some of the other airports that you find In Honolulu, it is also great that it houses other facilities that are to the customer’s advantage.  Though it was designed for exactly this purpose, the airport still puts efforts in ensuring that they keep to customer service standards.

  • They offer more flight destinations

You can get flight destinations to most parts of America; to Alaska, Sydney, Vancouver in Australia, Japan, the different islands in Hawaii, Auckland, South Korea, China, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Dallas.  The international airport houses over 20 international airlines that manage international flights daily accounting for thousands of people that fly every day using this airport.

  • Great food and facilities

They don’t just have great food, but good food options are also better because you get to have the liberty of choosing what you want. There is access to shops, internet, lounges and meeting rooms.

  • The security is great, irrespective of the crowd that you find.


The Airport has suffered a few incidents, with one of its worst incident recorded to have killed 66 people on board. Other primary and deadly incidents as well have been recorded.

Honolulu international airport is one of the most prestigious airports in Hawaii. Its place in Ohau, Honolulu helps it serves the amount of traffic that comes in and out of the state of Hawaii. The airports have over the years built itself up to expansion in different cities and countries of the world.

If you are going to Hawaii, you might definitely find yourself using this airport; its strategic spot in the sate makes it very relevant in the aviation industry. It offers flights at competitive rates, customer satisfaction, and more access to fight routes.

The significance of the Airport

As per the tradition and patriotic duty to remember the fallen soldiers and war heroes of the nightmarish World War 2, this famous airport underwent many drastic changes since its operational services in 1927. After World War 1 and the bloody civil war of America, there were many casualties on many fronts, but America was hugely indebted to John Rodgers, the famous war hero. He served as a naval commander in World War 2 and before that he was a veteran of the civil war against the British. Due to his services and lineage to the state of Hawaii, they honored him with firstly opening the airport by the name of John Rodgers International in the fall of 1920.

As World War 2 was on the spread, the Japanese, as part of the united coalition of Germany and Italy (These three countries in the alliance were named as the Axis) bombed and destroyed many naval bases in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. This was recorded as a bleak day for America as they had a casualty of more than 3,000 soldiers and their entire battleship fleet was destroyed to shreds. They are moving on, in retaliation, America for the first time destroyed famous Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki by atomic bombs. During World War 2, and after the tragic loss of Pearl Harbor, the army entirely occupied this airport and commenced aggressive air-based operations.

The name of the airport was later on changed to Daniel K Inouye International as to remember the late senator’s services to the state and the war effort. The senator had also previously served in the Vietnamese war, carrying out successful operations.

As of the modernization scheme led by the Aviation Committee of America, billions of dollars have been invested in the improvisation of this famous airport. With further adjustments along the way, Daniel K Inouye will be in the top aviation providers of the world!

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