Fair banks international Airport

Fairbanks international Airport

Fairbanks international Airport Map

Fair banks international Airport

Fair banks international airport is an airport that offers passenger s and cargo fight, connecting the airline routes and traffic to the Fairbanks.  The airport boasts of over 500,000 passengers flights between quarters. They are the home base airport in the Fairbanks community. The airport occupies 3,470 acres, fair banks, Alaska. This seats itself as the smallest city in America.

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History Fair banks international Airport

This international airport has since been in existence in the 1950s. The airport was built in 1951 and started its transportation service through that time. They started offering anchorage service from 1962 and first open service to Portland and Seattle. An airline that became very instrumental in the history of Fairbanks airport is its involvement with the Pan American world airways. Used as a stop for service, during 1969, few airlines eventually joined suite to use Fairbanks as a stopover service also when it comes to flights that took from Tokyo to New York.

Modern Fairbanks

Fairbanks has grown over the years. In 2009, work began for the remodeling of the Fairbanks. The project was awarded to Charles Betisworth in the Fairbanks. The demolished the old terminal and have rebuilt it, then went on to carry out more infrastructural development and have put in place facilities, expanded parking spaces and installed better lounge and waiting areas.  In the Fairbanks airport also put in place better facilities for emergency health care and encouraged car rentals and taxi services. The airport currently carries out over 300 aircraft operations in a day, with 58% of it for general aviation and 9% for commercial operation.

Customers review on Fairbanks International Airport

IT basically is a small airport that serves a small town, but the food severed in the airport is very good. Some vendors also offer pizza. They have a fantastic lounge and a generally nice, less crowded airport that doesn’t make you wait for a long time.



The restaurant facility offers food and pastries to a traveler. They have very comfortable seats and customer friendly workers.

Shops and Vendor areas

Areas created where you can shop for regular item clothes and shoes. There are shops that also offer different items for sale.

Armed service lounge

The nice ambiance of the armed service lounge is one of the outstanding effects of Fairbank Airport. They have very cozy seats and serve a very rich menu.


The airport has a single terminal with about 8 gates; it houses all the international airlines like the united airlines, Alaska Airlines, Everts Air, Delta connection, Delta Airline, Condor, Air north and 40-mile Air.

  • Runway

The fair banks airport is composed of four runways, they are built with asphalt. The smallest of them is 2,900 by 75 feet and the largest of them is 11,000 by 150 feet.

What to expect at the Fairbanks international Airport

Fairbanks is a fairly small airport when compared to other airports even in Alaska; however, its main attribute composes of its cozy facilities and great customer service.  They offer traveler aid services just like most airports and have a reasonable fair service process.  Here are a few features of the fair banks that might make it look good.

Armed service lounge

The armed service lounge is by far its best perk; the place is comfortable and hosts a guest in a cozy and friendly environment, like an exclusive lounge.

Commercial parking service

The airport offers commercial parking service, for different duration. You will be charged depending on the length of time you would be spending away.

Car rentals

At the Firbank international airport, there are car rental and taxi services available very close to the terminal; this makes customer movement a lot easier. 

Passenger air services

Fairbank offers passenger air services from the following airlines;

  1. 40 mile Air offers flights to the Healy Lake and the Delta
  2. The Air North Airline offers flights to the city of Old Crow, Dawson city on a seasonal basis.
  3. The Alaska airlines here is its largest airline, run by the Alaska state department of transport they offer flights to Seattle, Deadhorse, and anchorage.
  4. Condor airline offers flight seasonally to Frankfurt
  5. Delta airline here only offers seasonal flights to Seattle and Minneapolis.
  6. The Everts Air offers flights to the Indian mountains, Manley hot springs, Minto, Eagle, and Rampart
  7. Rayn Alaska offers a flight to Fort Yukon, Galena, Barter Island, Dead horse, and Anchorage.
  8. United airlines offer will kick of offering seasonal flights from June to Chicago, San Francisco, and Denver.
  9. Weight Air service offers to Hughes, Fort Yukon, Tanana, Galena, Ruby, and Bettles
  10. Warbelows Air Ventures offer flights to central, circle, Bever, Bettles, Manley hot Spring, Fort Yukon, Cold foot, Anaktuvuk pass, Mintu, Rampart, and Stevens Village.
  11. Wright Air services offer a flight to most of the cities that the Warbelow air ventures cover, including Nulato, Birch Creek, Allakaket and seasonally to the arctic village.
  12. Air cargo services

Their Cargo airlines include

DHL aviation, Antonov Airlines, Rayn Alaska and the Empire airlines, Both Empire and Rayn Alaska airlines offer anchorage services. The other air cargo services which are DHL and Antonov offer air cargo services to Los Angeles and Seoul –incheon.

Airport identification:

official name  Fairbanks International Airport
FAA code  FAI
IATA code  FAI

Runway data:

elevation  132 meters
number of runways 4
longest runway length  3596.6 meters

Nearest airports:

Tundra Copter Heliport  0.3 km (kilometers) west
Chena River Seaplane Base  2 km (kilometers) north
Chena Marina Airport  3 km (kilometers) west

Most Flight schedule from these Airport

Airport CodeNumber of FlightsFrequency 

Fair banks international Airport Route Map


Almost no incidents have been recorded in the Fairbanks airport in Alaska at least of which involved an aircraft. The only incident that happened came as a result of an apple map software gone wrong, which led a car into the runway. Since then measures have been taken to prevent such kinds of incidents.

The Fairbank international airport which is located in the smallest city in America premiered with taking routes to Fairbank previously done from the Ladd Army field. Run by the Alaska state department of transport have continued to carry out transport in passenger and in cargo daily. With its own share of the air traveling moving through terminals daily, it hopes to maintain a sizeable customer base and only build on it as it continues striving to give excellent customer services.

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