Denver International airport


Airports are one of the most advanced building types that countries have. In a broad spectrum, the significant role of airports is to provide a platform for air service. It helps to connect people, regions, and cultures. Air service is saving the time of people and nations. No country in present days can survive without air crafts, and air crafts cannot perform their function without an airport. Areas dedicated to airports are getting bigger day by day, and additional features are being introduced in airports.

The paradigm shift of airports

Once the airports were just meant to serve for the landing and taking off planes. Their concept and idea were quite basic. But slowly after a process of evolution, we got the present form of airports. Now airports along with their primary job provide people entertainment, information, and services that were never imagined before.

Many airports in the worlds present the local culture of that country in a variety of ways. People feel connected to that culture and learn about that region better. One of the strong example to support the above is Denver International airport, USA.


It is located a spectacular place of Colorado occupying an area of 33531 acres. It is 1.5 times bigger than Manhattan Island. It is considered the 2nd largest airport in the world in terms of land. Its runway is as long as 16,000 feet. (One of the longest runways in the world) It is the sixth busiest airport of the world serving 205 destinations around the globe. Air Canada Express, an American airline, British airways, and Alaska airline fly from this airport along with many others.

Features and facilities

  • It is owned and operated by Denver Aviation Authority, and it has allocated a particular portion of the budget for the art of the airport. So no wonder that it has been declared as best public art airport in the world.
  • Its architecture is unique and attractive. It has a peaked roof that was designed by the famous architects Fentress Bradburn. At the terminal, baggage claim entrance and passenger exit doors unique art pieces can be seen.
  • One of the most prominent and world-famous pieces of art is ‘Blue Mustang’ that is a sculpture fixed at Pena Boulevard. It has bright red eyes and attracts tourists. Want to hear something more interesting about the statue? It has the nickname ‘Blucifer.’
  • The other distinct feature of DIA is its Solar Panel energy system that produces electricity worth the million dollars per annum. It has four big solar planes, and the very first was inaugurated in 2008. The Solar I farm contains more than 9000 solar panels. These four solar units help to meet a 6% energy requirement of the airport.
  • For accommodation and transit, there is a complete and coordinated system with three features. i. Hotel ii. Transportation iii. Public Plaza. This is a complete package. Its public plaza is like an amusement park. Travelers enjoy food, drinks, art, and entertainment. Playing area for kids is available that has safe games for kids according to their ages. Staff members are always there to attend kids while parents have their free time in the lounge. Sitting area faces a beautiful view of the mountains. There are shops stuffed with entertainment and art. Outdoor activities, gaming area, movie theatre and other seasonal are offered by Denver Arts and Venues. In 2018 free ice skating was provided for travelers.
  • Have you ever converted your boring time into a money making activity? DIA provides you a thrilling experience. You can buy lottery tickets while you are waiting for your flight. An offer you can’t resist when you have a few hours on your plane.
  • Currency exchange both is serving passengers with one of the most desired services during foreign travel. Dollars, Euros, Rupee or Ponds, no matter which currency you want to exchange with your required money, if you are at DIA, the currency exchange booth is just a few steps away from you.
  • The waiting area has comfortable enough chairs where one can spend the night. If you don’t want to be charged for a hotel stay or your flight is just 7-8 hours delay then you can spend your time lying on the comfy chairs with a coffee in your hand and mighty mountains in front of you.

Mysteries about DIA

  • For adventure and thrill lovers, DIA has another point of attraction that is some mysteries about this airport.
  • The surrounding land of the airport is bought by the Royal Family of the United Kingdom. They never used this land for any purpose until now. No one knows the reason.
  • The artwork here is bizarre in many aspects, and you can’t figure out the purpose of that type of art on an airport. A handsome amount of budget is spent on maintaining that art and.
  • A large area is present underground. There is no apparent purpose of that mysteriously developed underground area. Staff working at the airport does not speak about that. May be reserved to be used in the new world order.
  • The tiles on the ground have ‘Au’ and ‘Ag’ signs. These signs are for Gold and Silver in periodic table but why they are written on tiles of the airport is still a mystery.


Airports are being planned and developed by keeping future possibilities in view. Denver Aviation Authority is also making this airport updated and ready to meet future challenges. All the features mentioned above and mysteries about DIA make it an even more attractive place to visit. People take flights from this airport more often when they have a choice in their hand. Mysteries are more interesting than scaring. The artwork, architecture, and designs invite people to think about it. People find answers according to their knowledge and perspective. No matter what their answer to these questions may be but this airport has been a source of entertainment and interest for decades.

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