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  • $1000000 USD

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    Age (As of 2020) Albert Glasser age is 104104
    Number of Movies Albert Glasser Movie count is 11
    Number of professions Albert Glasser Occupation count is 22
    List of genres Acted Albert Glasser Number of genres is 11
    Birth Month 1
    Birth Day 25
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    Albert Glasser is a actor,composer and well know person. Albert Glasser home town is Chicago and born in 1916/1/25 and Albert Glasser Address is Chicago.

    Albert Glasser Biography

    Name Albert Glasser
    Age (As of 2019)103
    Birth Day25
    Birth Month1
    Birth Year1916
    Death Day4
    Death Month5
    Death Year1998
    DescriptionAmerican composer
    EducationUniversity of Southern California
    Family NameGlasser
    Given NameAlbert
    IMDB IDnm0006100
    NationalityUnited States of America
    Place of BirthChicago
    Place of DeathLos Angeles

    Albert Glasser Popularity

    Albert Glasser listed in the list of most famous celebrities on Officialusa.com, with all those individuals born on 1916/1/25 ranked on the list. Albert Glasser is one of the 104 Years old celebrities.

    Officialusa.com measures Popularity Score of Albert Glasser based on his Wikipedia pageviews. on a 0-100 scale, with 100 being extremely popular.


    Albert Glasser Time line


    Albert Glasser Born on 1916/1/25


    Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors

    Albert Glasser Films By Year and Composition

    Year Number of Movies done
    1986 1

    The Naked Monster2005composer
    The Cremators1973composer
    El tesoro de Atahualpa1968composer
    Air Patrol1962composer
    Confessions of an Opium Eater1962composer
    20,000 Eyes1961composer
    Kipling's Women1961composer
    The High Powered Rifle1960composer
    The Boy and the Pirates1960composer
    Oklahoma Territory1960composer
    Inside the Mafia1959composer
    The Beat Generation1959composer
    Night of the Quarter Moon1959composer
    The Mugger1958composer
    When Hell Broke Loose1958composer
    Cop Hater1958composer
    Earth vs the Spider1958composer
    Teenage Cave Man1958composer
    War of the Colossal Beast1958composer
    Girl in the Woods1958composer
    High School Confidential!1958composer
    Attack of the Puppet People1958composer
    Giant from the Unknown1958composer
    The Saga of the Viking Women and Their Voyage to the Waters of the Great Sea Serpent1957composer
    Motorcycle Gang1957composer
    The Amazing Colossal Man1957composer
    The Hired Gun1957composer
    Street of Sinners1957composer
    The Buckskin Lady1957composer
    The Cyclops1957composer
    Beginning of the End1957composer
    Bailout at 43,0001957composer
    Monster from Green Hell1957composer
    Destination 60,0001957composer
    The Big Caper1957composer
    Four Boys and a Gun1957composer
    Flight to Hong Kong1956composer
    The Boss1956composer
    Indestructible Man1956composer
    The Cisco Kid1950-1956composer
    Please Murder Me!1956composer
    Top of the World1955composer
    Murder Is My Beat1955composer
    Mayor of the Town1954composer
    Dragon's Gold1954composer
    Captain John Smith and Pocahontas1953composer
    Paris Model1953composer
    Man of Conflict1953composer
    The Neanderthal Man1953composer
    Port Sinister1953composer
    Problem Girls1953composer
    Invasion, U.S.A.1952composer
    Paradise for Buster1952composer
    Geisha Girl1952composer
    The Bushwhackers1952composer
    Secrets of Beauty1951composer
    Oriental Evil1951composer
    Tokyo File 2121951composer
    Three Desperate Men1951composer
    Bandit Queen1950composer
    Border Rangers1950composer
    Big Town1950composer
    I Shot Billy the Kid1950composer
    Everybody's Dancin'1950composer
    The Girl from San Lorenzo1950composer
    Hollywood Varieties1950composer
    Tough Assignment1949composer
    Apache Chief1949composer
    Satan's Cradle1949composer
    Treasure of Monte Cristo1949composer
    The Daring Caballero1949composer
    Omoo-Omoo the Shark God1949composer
    Grand Canyon1949composer
    The Gay Amigo1949composer
    I Shot Jesse James1949composer
    Last of the Wild Horses1948composer
    The Valiant Hombre1948composer
    In This Corner1948composer
    Behind Locked Doors1948composer
    The Return of Wildfire1948composer
    Assigned to Danger1948composer
    The Cobra Strikes1948composer
    Trail of the Mounties1947composer
    Where the North Begins1947composer
    The Gas House Kids in Hollywood1947composer
    Killer at Large1947composer
    Border Feud1947composer
    Philo Vance Returns1947composer
    Law of the Lash1947composer
    Abilene Town1946composer
    The Cisco Kid in Old New Mexico1945composer
    The Cisco Kid Returns1945composer
    The Kid Sister1945composer
    Call of the Jungle1944composer
    The Contender1944composer
    The Monster Maker1944composer
    The Negro Soldier1944composer
    Klondike Kate1943composer
    Under Fiesta Stars1941composer
    The Naked Monster2005music_department
    The Bridge at Remagen1969music_department
    Deadwood '761965music_department
    The World of Henry Orient1964music_department
    Air Patrol1962music_department
    The High Powered Rifle1960music_department
    The Boy and the Pirates1960music_department
    The Beat Generation1959music_department
    Operation Dames1959music_department
    Night of the Quarter Moon1959music_department
    Cop Hater1958music_department
    Earth vs the Spider1958music_department
    War of the Colossal Beast1958music_department
    Girl in the Woods1958music_department
    Attack of the Puppet People1958music_department
    Motorcycle Gang1957music_department
    The Amazing Colossal Man1957music_department
    Street of Sinners1957music_department
    The Buckskin Lady1957music_department
    Beginning of the End1957music_department
    Bailout at 43,0001957music_department
    Four Boys and a Gun1957music_department
    Flight to Hong Kong1956music_department
    Murder Is My Beat1955music_department
    Top Banana1954music_department
    Paris Model1953music_department
    Man of Conflict1953music_department
    Problem Girls1953music_department
    Geisha Girl1952music_department
    Secrets of Beauty1951music_department
    Oriental Evil1951music_department
    Tokyo File 2121951music_department
    Three Desperate Men1951music_department
    Bandit Queen1950music_department
    Border Rangers1950music_department
    Train to Tombstone1950music_department
    The Return of Jesse James1950music_department
    I Shot Billy the Kid1950music_department
    Rocketship X-M1950music_department
    Everybody's Dancin'1950music_department
    Western Pacific Agent1950music_department
    Hollywood Varieties1950music_department
    Apache Chief1949music_department
    Satan's Cradle1949music_department
    Treasure of Monte Cristo1949music_department
    The Daring Caballero1949music_department
    Grand Canyon1949music_department
    The Gay Amigo1949music_department
    Last of the Wild Horses1948music_department
    The Valiant Hombre1948music_department
    The Return of Wildfire1948music_department
    Summer Holiday1948music_department
    Gas House Kids Go West1947music_department
    The Luckiest Guy in the World1947music_department
    A Really Important Person1947music_department
    Sure Cures1946music_department
    Boys' Ranch1946music_department
    Bikini, the Atom Island1946music_department
    Our Old Car1946music_department
    Musical Masterpieces1946music_department
    Magic on a Stick1946music_department
    Golden Hunch1945music_department
    People on Paper1945music_department
    She Went to the Races1945music_department
    Stairway to Light1945music_department
    The Great American Mug1945music_department
    Strange Destiny1945music_department
    A Gun in His Hand1945music_department
    Her Highness and the Bellboy1945music_department
    Our Vines Have Tender Grapes1945music_department
    Phantoms, Inc.1945music_department
    Fall Guy1945music_department
    It Looks Like Rain1945music_department
    Little White Lie1945music_department
    This Man's Navy1945music_department
    A Great Day's Coming1944music_department
    Dark Shadows1944music_department
    Nothing But Trouble1944music_department
    Firebrands of Arizona1944music_department
    Lost in a Harem1944music_department
    Return from Nowhere1944music_department
    Mrs. Parkington1944music_department
    An American Romance1944music_department
    Nostradamus IV1944music_department
    Grandpa Called It Art1944music_department
    Patrolling the Ether1944music_department
    The Fighting Seabees1944music_department
    The Battle of Russia1943music_department
    Sunset Serenade1942music_department
    Shadows on the Sage1942music_department
    Call of the Canyon1942music_department
    Sons of the Pioneers1942music_department
    The Phantom Plainsmen1942music_department
    The Cyclone Kid1942music_department
    Home in Wyomin'1942music_department
    Sunset on the Desert1942music_department
    South of Santa Fe1942music_department
    Red River Valley1941music_department
    Sierra Sue1941music_department
    Gauchos of El Dorado1941music_department
    Jesse James at Bay1941music_department
    King of the Texas Rangers1941music_department
    Outlaws of Cherokee Trail1941music_department
    Bad Man of Deadwood1941music_department
    The Adventures of Robin Hood1938music_department
    The Beat Generation1959soundtrack
    Attack of the Puppet People1958soundtrack
    The Buckskin Lady1957soundtrack
    Grand Canyon1949soundtrack
    I Shot Jesse James1949soundtrack
    I Shot Jesse James1949actor
    The Return of Wildfire1948actor
    Hanna's War1988sound_department
    Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors1986self

    Albert Glasser TV Shows By Year and Composition

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    Albert Glasser Physical Stats and Age

    104 Years old Albert Glasser (as in 2020).

    Albert Glasser Education

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    Albert Glasser Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. What is the Age of Albert Glasser
    Ans) 104
    Q2. What is the Proffesion of Albert Glasser
    Ans) actor,composer
    Q3.Birth Year of Albert Glasser
    Ans) 1916
    Q4.Where is Albert Glasser residence?
    Ans) Chicago
    Q5. Whar Awards Recieved by Albert Glasser
    Ans) NA