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Age (As of 2020) Albert E. Smith age is 146146
Number of professions Albert E. Smith Occupation count is 44
Birth Month 6
Birth Day 4
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Albert E. Smith is a actor,screenwriter,film director,film producer and well know person. Albert E. Smith home town is Faversham and born in 1874/6/4 and Albert E. Smith Address is Faversham.

Albert E. Smith Biography

Name Albert E. Smith
Age (As of 2019)145
Birth Day4
Birth Month6
Birth Year1874
Death Day1
Death Month8
Death Year1958
Family NameSmith
Given NameAlbert
IMDB IDnm0807236
NationalityUnited States of America,United Kingdom
Occupationactor,screenwriter,film director,film producer
Place of BirthFaversham
Place of burial Forest Lawn Memorial Park
Place of DeathHollywood

Albert E. Smith Popularity

Albert E. Smith listed in the list of most famous celebrities on Officialusa.com, with all those individuals born on 1874/6/4 ranked on the list. Albert E. Smith is one of the 146 Years old celebrities.

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Albert E. Smith Time line


Albert E. Smith Born on 1874/6/4

Albert E. Smith Films By Year and Composition

Year Number of Movies done

The Happy Warrior1925miscellaneous
Steele of the Royal Mounted1925miscellaneous
Pampered Youth1925miscellaneous
The Redeeming Sin1925miscellaneous
The Beloved Brute1924miscellaneous
The Clean Heart1924miscellaneous
Captain Blood1924miscellaneous
Behold This Woman1924miscellaneous
Code of the Wilderness1924miscellaneous
Between Friends1924miscellaneous
Borrowed Husbands1924miscellaneous
My Man1924miscellaneous
The Man from Brodney's1923miscellaneous
Lightning Love1923miscellaneous
The Gown Shop1923miscellaneous
The Midnight Cabaret1923miscellaneous
The Man Next Door1923miscellaneous
Masters of Men1923miscellaneous
Playing It Wild1923miscellaneous
The Barnyard1923miscellaneous
No Wedding Bells1923miscellaneous
The Ninety and Nine1922miscellaneous
The Counter Jumper1922miscellaneous
The Agent1922miscellaneous
When Danger Smiles1922miscellaneous
The Ladder Jinx1922miscellaneous
Divorce Coupons1922miscellaneous
My Wild Irish Rose1922miscellaneous
The Girl in His Room1922miscellaneous
Restless Souls1922miscellaneous
A Virgin's Sacrifice1922miscellaneous
Angel of Crooked Street1922miscellaneous
The Silent Vow1922miscellaneous
Too Much Business1922miscellaneous
The Man from Downing Street1922miscellaneous
Island Wives1922miscellaneous
The Prodigal Judge1922miscellaneous
The Little Minister1922miscellaneous
Received Payment1922miscellaneous
No Defense1921miscellaneous
The Flower of the North1921miscellaneous
A Guilty Conscience1921miscellaneous
The Single Track1921miscellaneous
What's Your Reputation Worth?1921miscellaneous
Cousin Kate1921miscellaneous
Three Sevens1921miscellaneous
Fighting Fate1921miscellaneous
Dead Men Tell No Tales1920miscellaneous
The Purple Cipher1920miscellaneous
Trumpet Island1920miscellaneous
The Whisper Market1920miscellaneous
The Rent Dodgers1920miscellaneous
The Midnight Bride1920miscellaneous
Dollars and the Woman1920miscellaneous
The Garter Girl1920miscellaneous
The Courage of Marge O'Doone1920miscellaneous
Sauce and Senoritas1920miscellaneous
Loafers and Lovers1920miscellaneous
Knights and Knighties1920miscellaneous
Pipe Dreams and Prizes1920miscellaneous
Throbs and Thrills1920miscellaneous
Rubes and Robbers1919miscellaneous
Caves and Coquettes1919miscellaneous
The Vengeance of Durand1919miscellaneous
Whiz and Whiskers1919miscellaneous
Vamps and Variety1919miscellaneous
Zip and Zest1919miscellaneous
Daring Hearts1919miscellaneous
The Girl-Woman1919miscellaneous
The Simple Life1919/Imiscellaneous
His Home Sweet Home1919miscellaneous
Harems and Hookum1919miscellaneous
Too Many Crooks1919miscellaneous
A Rogue's Romance1919miscellaneous
The Star Boarder1919miscellaneous
Passing the Buck1919miscellaneous
Fares and Fair Ones1919miscellaneous
Well, I'll Be1919miscellaneous
Girlies and Grubbers1919miscellaneous
Damsels and Dandies1919miscellaneous
Scamps and Scandals1919miscellaneous
Silent Strength1919miscellaneous
The Lion and the Mouse1919miscellaneous
Love and Lather1919miscellaneous
The Highest Trump1919miscellaneous
Footballs and Frauds1919miscellaneous
The Enchanted Barn1919miscellaneous
Traps and Tangles1919miscellaneous
Boobs and Bumps1919miscellaneous
Beauty and Booty1919miscellaneous
The Captain's Captain1919miscellaneous
The Common Cause1919miscellaneous
Bums and Boarders1918miscellaneous
Hoarded Assets1918miscellaneous
Pluck and Plotters1918miscellaneous
Farms and Fumbles1918miscellaneous
The Beloved Impostor1918miscellaneous
Daring and Dynamite1918miscellaneous
The Man Who Wouldn't Tell1918miscellaneous
Humbugs and Husbands1918miscellaneous
Submarines and Simps1918miscellaneous
The Dawn of Understanding1918miscellaneous
Chumps and Cops1918miscellaneous
The King of Diamonds1918miscellaneous
The Mating1918miscellaneous
A Diplomatic Mission1918miscellaneous
Hula Hulas and Hocus Pocus1918miscellaneous
Roofs and Riots1918miscellaneous
Stripes and Stars1918miscellaneous
The Girl of Today1918miscellaneous
Everybody's Girl1918miscellaneous
Wild Women and Wild Waves1918miscellaneous
A Nymph of the Foothills1918miscellaneous
Capers and Crooks1918miscellaneous
Mutts and Motors1918miscellaneous
The Green God1918miscellaneous
Flappers and Friskies1918miscellaneous
The Clutch of Circumstance1918miscellaneous
Dukes and Dollars1918miscellaneous
The Changing Woman1918miscellaneous
Shines and Monkeyshines1918miscellaneous
Dunces and Dangers1918miscellaneous
A Gentleman's Agreement1918miscellaneous
Wounded Hearts and Wedding Rings1918miscellaneous
Bathing Beauties and Big Boobs1918miscellaneous
A Fight for Millions: Episode No. 1, The Snare1918miscellaneous
Skippers and Schemers1918miscellaneous
To the Highest Bidder1918miscellaneous
Hindoos and Hazards1918miscellaneous
Bonds and Banners1918miscellaneous
Tangled Lives1918miscellaneous
The Girl in His House1918miscellaneous
Lame Brains and Lunatics1918miscellaneous
The Soap Girl1918miscellaneous
Find the Woman1918miscellaneous
A Game with Fate1918miscellaneous
The Golden Goal1918miscellaneous
Romans and Rascals1918miscellaneous
Love and Lavallieres1918miscellaneous
The Triumph of the Weak1918miscellaneous
Laws and Outlaws1918miscellaneous
Flirts and Fakirs1918miscellaneous
The Seal of Silence1918miscellaneous
The Girl from Beyond1918miscellaneous
Little Miss No-Account1918miscellaneous
The Woman in the Web1918miscellaneous
A Bachelor's Children1918miscellaneous
Sleuths and Slickers1918miscellaneous
Over the Top1918miscellaneous
Stripes and Stumbles1918miscellaneous
The Home Trail1918miscellaneous
An American Live Wire1918miscellaneous
Tramps and Traitors1918miscellaneous
Meddlers and Moonshiners1918miscellaneous
The Desired Woman1918miscellaneous
Jumping Jacks and Jail Birds1918miscellaneous
The Song of the Soul1918miscellaneous
Rooms and Rumors1918miscellaneous
The Wooing of Princess Pat1918miscellaneous
Telephones and Troubles1918miscellaneous
The Other Man1918miscellaneous
Jumbles and Jokers1918miscellaneous
The Menace1918miscellaneous
Peanuts and Politics1918miscellaneous
The Wild Strain1918miscellaneous
The Blind Adventure1918miscellaneous
Stowaways and Strategy1917miscellaneous
Vengeance - and the Woman1917miscellaneous
Who Goes There?1917miscellaneous
Rough Toughs and Roof Tops1917miscellaneous
Hugs and Hubbub1917miscellaneous
The Bottom of the Well1917miscellaneous
Tough Luck and Tin Lizzies1917miscellaneous
Dead Shot Baker1917miscellaneous
Riff Raff and Rivalry1917miscellaneous
Plagues and Puppy Love1917miscellaneous
The Princess of Park Row1917miscellaneous
Plans and Pajamas1917miscellaneous
Sunlight's Last Raid1917miscellaneous
Risks and Roughnecks1917miscellaneous
Worries and Wobbles1917miscellaneous
The Question1917miscellaneous
The Girl Philippa1916miscellaneous
Hash and Havoc1916miscellaneous
The Devil's Prize1916miscellaneous
Fathers of Men1916miscellaneous
Green Stockings1916miscellaneous
The Heights of Hazard1915miscellaneous
The Man Who Couldn't Beat God1915miscellaneous
Playing Dead1915miscellaneous
The Wheels of Justice1915miscellaneous
Two to One1927producer
On the Banks of the Wabash1923producer
Fortune's Mask1922producer
A Pair of Kings1922producer
The Show1922/IIproducer
The Sawmill1922producer
The Bell Hop1921producer
The Fall Guy1921producer
The Tourist1921producer
The Rent Collector1921producer
The Bakery1921producer
What's Your Reputation Worth?1921producer
The Blizzard1921producer
Black Beauty1921/Iproducer
The Nuisance1921producer
The Mysterious Stranger1920producer
Dead Men Tell No Tales1920producer
The Backyard1920producer
His Jonah Day1920producer
The Suitor1920producer
The Trouble Hunter1920producer
The Stage Hand1920producer
The Decorator1920producer
The Gauntlet1920producer
He Laughs Last1920producer
Pals and Pugs1920producer
Fists and Fodder1920producer
Squeaks and Squawks1920producer
Maids and Muslin1920producer
Dames and Dentists1920producer
Switches and Sweeties1919producer
The Head Waiter1919producer
Bungs and Bunglers1919producer
Squabs and Squabbles1919producer
Dull Care1919producer
Mates and Models1919producer
Yaps and Yokels1919producer
Flips and Flops1919producer
Healthy and Happy1919producer
Tootsies and Tamales1919producer
Mules and Mortgages1919producer
Jazz and Jailbirds1919producer
Soapsuds and Sapheads1919producer
Miss Ambition1918producer
Frauds and Frenzies1918producer
Bears and Bad Men1918producer
Huns and Hyphens1918producer
One Thousand Dollars1918producer
Cavanaugh of the Forest Rangers1918producer
Babes and Boobs1918producer
Vengeance - and the Woman1917producer
Womanhood, the Glory of the Nation1917producer
On Her Wedding Night1915producer
The Island of Regeneration1915producer
A Million Bid1914producer
Mysterious Cafe, or Mr. and Mrs. Spoopendyke Have Troubles with a Waiter1901producer
Maude's Naughty Little Brother1900producer
Hooligan Assists the Magician1900producer
The Clown and the Alchemist1900producer
The Congress of Nations1900producer
The Enchanted Drawing1900producer
Bird's-Eye View of Dock Front, Galveston1900producer
'Columbia' Winning the Cup1899producer
'Shamrock' and 'Columbia' Rounding the Outer Stake Boat1899producer
'Shamrock' and 'Erin' Sailing1899producer
A Quite Little Smoke1899producer
A Visit to the Spiritualist1899producer
'Shamrock' and 'Columbia' Yacht Race: 1st Race, No. 21899producer
Pictures Incidental to Yacht Race1899producer
'Shamrock' and 'Columbia' Jockeying for a Start1899producer
'Shamrock' and 'Columbia' Rounding the Outer Stake Boat, No. 21899producer
'Shamrock' and 'Columbia' Yacht Race: First Race1899producer
After the Race: Yachts Returning to Anchorage1899producer
Presentation of Nation's Sword to Admiral Dewey1899producer
Raising Old Glory Over Morro Castle1899producer
Panoramic View of Brooklyn Bridge1899producer
Willie's First Smoke1899producer
Battle of Manila Bay1898producer
Tearing Down the Spanish Flag1898producer
Little Mischief1898producer
Oliver Twist1907cinematographer
Children Bathing1901cinematographer
Harry Thompson's Imitations of Sousa1901cinematographer
Jeffries Throwing the Medicine Ball1901cinematographer
Leaping Dogs at Gentry's Circus1901cinematographer
Mysterious Cafe, or Mr. and Mrs. Spoopendyke Have Troubles with a Waiter1901cinematographer
Panoramic View of Boston Subway from an Electric Car1901cinematographer
Happy Hooligan Has Troubles with the Cook1901cinematographer
Hooligan's Narrow Escape1901cinematographer
Hooligan and the Summer Girls1901cinematographer
Hooligan at the Seashore1901cinematographer
Hooligan Causes a Sensation1901cinematographer
Hooligan Takes His Annual Bath1901cinematographer
Hooligan Visits Central Park1901cinematographer
Panorama of Galveston Power House1900cinematographer
Hooligan Assists the Magician1900cinematographer
The Enchanted Drawing1900cinematographer
Bird's-Eye View of Dock Front, Galveston1900cinematographer
Launching a Stranded Schooner from the Docks1900cinematographer
Panorama of East Galveston1900cinematographer
Panorama of Orphans' Home, Galveston1900cinematographer
Panorama of Wreckage of Water Front1900cinematographer
Panoramic View of Tremont Hotel, Galveston1900cinematographer
Searching Ruins on Broadway, Galveston, for Dead Bodies1900cinematographer
'Shamrock' and 'Erin' Sailing1899cinematographer
A Visit to the Spiritualist1899cinematographer
Flags of All Nations1899cinematographer
The Jeffries-Sharkey Contest1899cinematographer
'Shamrock' and 'Columbia' Yacht Race: 1st Race, No. 21899cinematographer
Pictures Incidental to Yacht Race1899cinematographer
After the Race: Yachts Returning to Anchorage1899cinematographer
Presentation of Nation's Sword to Admiral Dewey1899cinematographer
Astor Battery on Parade1899cinematographer
Lickman's Cigar and Photo Store1898cinematographer
Tearing Down the Spanish Flag1898cinematographer
Admiral Sampson on Board the Flagship1898cinematographer
Close View of the 'Brooklyn,' Naval Parade1898cinematographer
The 'Glen Island,' Accompanying Parade1898cinematographer
The 'Massachusetts,' Naval Parade1898cinematographer
The 'Texas,' Naval Parade1898cinematographer
The Burglar on the Roof1898/Icinematographer
Reviewing the 'Texas' at Grant's Tomb1898cinematographer
Statue of Liberty1898cinematographer
The Fleet Steaming Up North River1898cinematographer
U.S. Battleship 'Oregon'1898/IIcinematographer
Captain Blood1924director
The Despatch Bearer; or, Through the Enemy's Lines1907director
Children Bathing1901director
Harry Thompson's Imitations of Sousa1901director
Jeffries Throwing the Medicine Ball1901director
Leaping Dogs at Gentry's Circus1901director
Mysterious Cafe, or Mr. and Mrs. Spoopendyke Have Troubles with a Waiter1901director
Panoramic View of Boston Subway from an Electric Car1901director
Happy Hooligan Has Troubles with the Cook1901director
Hooligan's Narrow Escape1901director
Hooligan and the Summer Girls1901director
Hooligan at the Seashore1901director
Hooligan Causes a Sensation1901director
Hooligan Takes His Annual Bath1901director
Hooligan Visits Central Park1901director
Miniature Railway1901director
Maude's Naughty Little Brother1900director
Panorama of Galveston Power House1900director
Hooligan Assists the Magician1900director
The Clown and the Alchemist1900director
The Congress of Nations1900director
Launching a Stranded Schooner from the Docks1900director
Panorama of East Galveston1900director
Panorama of Orphans' Home, Galveston1900director
Panorama of Wreckage of Water Front1900director
Panoramic View of Tremont Hotel, Galveston1900director
Searching Ruins on Broadway, Galveston, for Dead Bodies1900director
'Columbia' Winning the Cup1899director
'Shamrock' and 'Columbia' Rounding the Outer Stake Boat1899director
'Shamrock' and 'Erin' Sailing1899director
A Quite Little Smoke1899director
A Visit to the Spiritualist1899director
Flags of All Nations1899director
'Shamrock' and 'Columbia' Yacht Race: 1st Race, No. 21899director
Pictures Incidental to Yacht Race1899director
'Shamrock' and 'Columbia' Jockeying for a Start1899director
'Shamrock' and 'Columbia' Rounding the Outer Stake Boat, No. 21899director
'Shamrock' and 'Columbia' Yacht Race: First Race1899director
After the Race: Yachts Returning to Anchorage1899director
Presentation of Nation's Sword to Admiral Dewey1899director
Raising Old Glory Over Morro Castle1899director
Astor Battery on Parade1899director
The Humpty Dumpty Circus1898director
Vanishing Lady1898director
Smashing Barriers1923writer
The Purple Riders1922writer
Fighting Fate1921writer
Hidden Dangers1920writer
The Veiled Mystery1920writer
The Silent Avenger1920writer
The Invisible Hand1920writer
Smashing Barriers1919writer
Daring Hearts1919writer
Perils of Thunder Mountain1919writer
Man of Might1919writer
The Iron Test1918writer
A Fight for Millions: Episode No. 1, The Snare1918writer
The Woman in the Web1918writer
Vengeance - and the Woman1917writer
The Marriage Speculation1917writer
March of the Movies1933actor
A Vitagraph Romance1912actor
The Congress of Nations1900actor
Vanishing Lady1898actor
The Humpty Dumpty Circus1898animation_department
The Haunted Hotel1907camera_department
Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ1925production_manager

Albert E. Smith TV Shows By Year and Composition

Year Number of TV Shows

Albert E. Smith Awards and Nominations

Albert E. Smith list of genres


Albert E. Smith Physical Stats and Age

146 Years old Albert E. Smith (as in 2020).

Hair colourSalt and Pepper

Albert E. Smith Education

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Albert E. Smith Hometown

Albert E. Smith hometown is Faversham.

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Albert E. Smith Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the Age of Albert E. Smith
Ans) 146
Q2. What is the Proffesion of Albert E. Smith
Ans) actor,screenwriter,film director,film producer
Q3.Birth Year of Albert E. Smith
Ans) 1874
Q4.Where is Albert E. Smith residence?
Ans) Faversham
Q5. Whar Awards Recieved by Albert E. Smith
Ans) NA