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About Top Lists and Rankem sites - DO NOT LINK TO THESE SITES!

Top Lists and Rankem sites = A link farm spawning filtered traffic.

Top Lists and Rank'em sites are sites that determine the placement of your site according to who sends them them most visitors.  Of course at the most visable portion of thier site is a advertisement for whatever the theme of thier top site/rank'em site is.

How it works.
A web master sees other webmasters linking to this top site. So, they sign up and get a code to track the visitors they send to the top (rank'em) site. They place a image on thier site and encourage as many people as they can to click over to the top site.

In return, the top site will list the web masters site according to the amount of traffic they receive.
If you send the most visitors then the link to your site will appear the highest on the list.

This would be a Ok form of cheap traffic and visitors if you were one of the first couple sites to do it and you got your site to the top of the list right away. However, even then your time and effort would be much better spent elsewhere because as these top (rank'em) sites increase in popularity then more "filtering advertisements" will appear at the very top of thier page.

End Result.. The Top Site gets sales and you get filtered traffic and bad sales ratios.

In the end all sites linking in to the top (rank'em) site are a cluster of sites with excessive advertising to promote the same thing.

Popular search engines classify these sites as "link farms".  NEVER LINK TO THESE SITES!

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