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If you are new to HTML and you are building your first or second web site. Here are some places you can get free web hosting.
But first:

The things to look out for and the "Catch":
Things to look out for (VERY IMPORTANT)
When you register a domain (ex: www.yourdomain.com). You must list the contact information for a couple titles. 
First The Administrator = Actual Owner of the the domain
(the Adminstrator is the actual owner and has the final say in what happens to the domain. If you register a domain make sure you are the Administrator!!)

Second is the Technical Contact
The Technical Contact is generally the webmaster that is handling the web site. As a technical contact the webmaster can make changes (such as DNS to move hosting providers from one host to another)
The Third is the Billing Contact.
If you are the biling contact make sure you are listed on the registration as the administrator. If you are paying for or investing time into a web domain. Make sure you have complete control over its destination.

*Note: As long as you are the Administrator you are the rightful owner of the Domain name.  Be careful to note when the registration expires! If the domain name expires then someone else can take it.  The best way to look at domain registrations it that you are Renting the name and you have the right to renew your rental so long as it has not expired.  If you let it go beyond its expiration date it is up for grabs and anyone can take it.
The Catch
There are many places out there that will offer you free web site hosting, below you will find a few.  The "Catch" is a deal they will usually impose in order to make it worth their while.

1) Some will force banner advertisements on your web pages
2) Some will force Pop Up windows on your site advertising their sites or sites of third parties.
3) Some will collect email addresses from yourself and visitors to send emails to them (oftentimes unwanted emails)
Some will do none of the above just to give you a chance to try building a web site in hopes that you will be successful and eventually upgrade to paid web hosting.
The best recommendation I can give here is to go with a paid hosting site (less than $10 a month) or to read the fine print).

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