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FFA= Free For All

Usually FFA sites are web sites that will instantly add your URL (Web Site Address) to a scrolling list of sites on thier web page. Most allow 25 sites to be listed at a time (sometimes more, sometimes less). Your site is added to the top and the the last on the list scrolls off (basically deleted). 25 submissions later and your listing is gone as well. Even if these sites did have a decent amount of traffic it would only mean your link would disappear faster. It is doubtful that you will receive one visitor from these sites. DO NOT SUBMIT TO THESE SITES!

When you submit your site you are asked for your email address. In fact, these sites are designed to collect email addresses for SPAM (sending unwanted emails). They will also sell your email address to other SPAM companies who send out mass emails.

Furthermore...NEVER LINK TO THESE SITES! Popular search engines classify these sites as "link farms".  As a result of having no useful purpose on the Internet other than to generate email address listings thier search engine rankings are penalized.

If you have already submitted your site to a FFA site, no worries. You can expect a bunch of junk email for a long time but your own search engine rankings won't be hurt. Luckily, the search engines are reasonable and will not penalize your site based on low class people that link to you. Just be sure to NEVER LINK TO THESE SITES!

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