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About Email Marketing

How it works.
Generally you are spammed (receive unwanted email) from a company that sends out mass emails. Perhaps you are hesitant to give it a try, but you receive these emails all the time.

These "Mass Email Companies" must reach A LOT of people!

Example... I got one just now stating "3,000,000 emails in 7 days".  Wow... that is A LOT of people.  But then I stop and think.... 

Did I Sign up for this email? Um NO
Does this mean I want this email? Um NO

They claim to be sending unsolicited targeted emails yet I got one from them (and receive dozens each day from a variety of companies). So... Right away I know they are lying when they say "Reach Interested People".

They call it "Opt In" which means.... you requested these emails because you were interested in a certain type of products and/or services. Most of the time this is NOT the case. 

Don't get me wrong.  Email Advertising can an effective and cost worthy form of advertising. You just have to BE CAREFUL who you deal with. Unwanted emails are called (SPAM) and there are laws against it.  I am sure most of the email you receive you did not sign up for.

When dealing with email advertising you have to watch a different set of ratios. Normally you want to watch your visitor/sales ratios.  With email advertising you might need to watch your Sales/Hate Mail Ratios.

If you want to start your own "Opt In" newsletter or email campaign then you can be sure the emails you are sending are to recipients that are genuinely interested in your information, products, or services. 

If you do decide to try email advertising, be sure to select a reputable company that YOU seek, not those that spam you.

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