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Selecting A Name
When selecting a domain name there are a few things you should consider. In order to achieve the following objectives you might want to consider registering a couple domains.

1) Brand name Recognition (ie. YOURCOMPANYNAME.COM)

2) Search Relevancy
In part, Search Engines will use words within your domain name to help determine your relevancy and where your site should be listed when a web surfer conducts a search.

example: All other Search Engine ranking criteria aside. A search for "Car Sales" would give "Car-Sales.com" a better listing than "MeowMotors.com".

Another VERY IMPORTANT aspect of relevancy (which is often overlooked) is LOCATION. If you only sell cars in Connecticut. ConnecticutCars.com would help (literally) eliminate a world of competition in search engine rankings.

3) Direct Results (Self Advertising Domains)
It is no wonder some sites like "Business.com" sold for millions of dollars. Perfect names are domains that not only help with search engine listings, but those people might type directly into the address bar of their browser (ex: business.com)

4) Find a Name that is Short and Easy to Remember
Try not to register domainnamesthatareverylong.com 

If you need help finding a suitable name there are sites where you enter keywords and click search.  The site will give you a list of suggested and available Domain Names.

Namedroppers - Domain Name Searching Service.

Another way to find which names are available is to search directly from Domain Registars.

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