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What is a Domain Name?
A domain name is a address on the Internet (example: OfficialUSA.com).
What is a Registrar?
A Registrar is a company that rents domain names. I say "Rents" because you do not actually own the domain you register. You must re-register yearly. Unless your register for multiple years. You will always have the option to renew.
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Domain Registration Tips
Cheaper is NOT better!
There are hundreds if not thousands of Domain name registrars on the Internet. If you search around you can probably find a registrar that will only charge $10 per year.
However, personally I think it is best to register with a popular registar and preferably in your own country. That $20 you might save registering your domain will not be worth it if that Korean Registar goes out of business or just decides to take it, your content, and your traffic!

Nowadays Domains are CHEAP! And oftentimes when you register a domain for several years you get deep discounts.

Example: This is Network Solutions Price List (October 2005)
1 Year @ $34.99 per year - Approx. $3.00 per month
2 Years @ $29.99 per year (Save 14%)
3 Years @ $24.99 per year (Save 28%)
5 Years @ $19.99 per year (Save 42%)
10 Years @ $14.99 per year (Save 57%)
100 Years @ $9.99 per year (Save 70%)
All years billed at time of purchase
Network Solutions - the #1 domain registrar

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Transfer a Domain
Why risk it with another registrar? Network Solutions was the first, and is the largest domain name registrar in the world. Click here to transfer your domain names to Network Solutions now. 

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