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Having been managing websites on the Internet for close to 10 years. I can not stress the importance of having a fast and reliable web host.

Do Not Settle for A Unreliable Host

In addition to lost sales from down-time and lost customers/visitors. You can very easily lose links and search engine listings. If a search engine spider/robot attempts to index or update your ranking, contents, and directory of your web site and it is Offline your listings are lost.

Server Speed

The simple fact is..... a web surfer will wait 8 seconds for a page to load. A few seconds beyond that and they are clicking the back button on thier browser and your site might as well not even exist.

Honestly, I have come home and logged onto the internet to find my sites were down. Suddenly I had to search really fast for a new reliable host. Not only did I need to find a new host, but I would also have to move my pages to the new server fast. Any webmaster with a decent sized site knows this is no small task. The larger the site, the more cross referencing there is, huge portions of my sites (which I was upgrading) were not ready to be online but given the immediate loss of visitors/sales and potential search engine listings something had to be done immediately. 

Currently I am using a couple web servers/hosts in the United States.

Undoubtedly, Midphase is the best. I was using thier unlimited bandwidth and 3,000megs of space all for under $10 a month. I used their services for about a year and then decided to get a dedicated server from them. Now I am using thier services to host approx 400,000 web pages across a dozen domains and I have no complaints. 
You will see thier advertisements around this page because I am impressed with their products, services, and prices.  I have never experienced downtime, and thier servers are extremely fast! FYI: the pages you are viewing are hosted at Midphase. Check out Midphase and you will be impressed.

All Webmasters should Bookmark this site! I will always feature a Reasonably priced and reliable host.

Webmasters Resources > Domain Services > Hosting

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