Add a Nationwide Education Directory to your site in two easy steps!

How it will look on your site

usa education
How to get it
Add a Nationwide Education directory to your site in two easy steps

1) Highlight and Copy the code in the grey box below and paste it in your web page where you want it to appear (between <Body></Body> tags)

(on your keyboard: Control C = Copy, Control V = Paste)

<td><a href=""><img SRC="usaeducation.gif" ALT="usa education" BORDER=0 height=50 width=360></a></td>

<center><script language="JavaScript"><!-- Hide the script from old browsers --
 function surfto(form) {
        var myindex=form.dest.selectedIndex
<form NAME="myform"><select NAME="dest" SIZE=1><option SELECTED VALUE="">USA
Education<option VALUE=""><b><font face="Arial,Helvetica"><font color="#000000"><font size=-1>Alabama
Education<option VALUE="">Alaska
Education<option VALUE="">Arizona
Education<option VALUE="">Arkansas
Education<option VALUE="">California
Education<option VALUE="">Colorado
Education<option VALUE="">Connecticut
Education<option VALUE="">Delaware
Education<option VALUE="">Florida
Education<option VALUE="">Georgia
Education<option VALUE="">Hawaii
Education<option VALUE="">Idaho
Education<option VALUE="">Illinois
Education<option VALUE="">Indiana
Education<option VALUE="">Iowa
Education<option VALUE="">Kansas
Education<option VALUE="">Kentucky
Education<option VALUE="">Louisiana
Education<option VALUE="">Maine
Education<option VALUE="">Maryland
Education<option VALUE="">Massachusetts
Education<option VALUE="">Michigan
Education<option VALUE="">Minnesota
Education<option VALUE="">Mississippi
Education<option VALUE="">Missouri
Education<option VALUE="">Montana
Education<option VALUE="">Nebraska
Education<option VALUE="">Nevada
Education<option VALUE="">New
Hampshire Education<option VALUE="">New
Jersey Education<option VALUE="">New
Mexico Education<option VALUE="">New
York Education<option VALUE="">North
Carolina Education<option VALUE="">North
Dakota Education<option VALUE="">Ohio
Education<option VALUE="">Oklahoma
Education<option VALUE="">Oregon
Education<option VALUE="">Pennsylvania
Education<option VALUE="">Rhode
Island Education<option VALUE="">South
Carolina Education<option VALUE="">South
Dakota Education<option VALUE="">Tennessee
Education<option VALUE="">Texas
Education<option VALUE="">Utah
Education<option VALUE="">Vermont
Education<option VALUE="">Virginia
Education<option VALUE="">Washington
Education<option VALUE="">West
Virginia Education<option VALUE="">Wisconsin
Education<option VALUE="">Wyoming
Education</font></font></font></b></select><input TYPE="BUTTON" VALUE="Regional Education" onClick="surfto(this.form)"></form></center>

2) Right Click on the image and save it to your computer and upload it with your web page (be sure the image is in the same folder as your webpage otherwise the image will be broken. You can modify the code if you want the image in a graphics folder.
usa education
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