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How to Build a Web Site

Lesson #1
HTML Reference and Basic HTML

HTML Reference and Basic HTML

What is a Web Site?
A Web Site is a group of individual Web Pages connected with Hyperlinks. When Hyperlinks are clicked the Internet Browser will navigate to the desired page or portion of web page. Together these pages function as Web Site (Hopefully one that is informative, useful or fun. And most importantly.... easy to navigate!).

What Is HTML?
Hyper Text Mark-up Language

HTML Browsers (also known as Web Browser, Internet Browser)
When you browse the Internet you are using a "Internet Browser" a Internet Browser is a program that reads and displays content from various web servers.  Right now you are using a Internet Browser to view this page. 

Common Internet Browser Programs
Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator (Communicator), and Mozilla (Firefox and some others).

A Basic Web Site done in HTML - HTML=Text Document
(I specify done in HTML because there are other programming languages on the Internet that can be used to build a web site)

HTML is a text document (can be done with any text editor) which contains some code/script that tells Internet browers what to display, how to display it, and how to react to a variety of situations. 
The ability to communicate with a web browser allows you to link pages together with a "Hyper Link" (browser will navigate to indicated direction when mouse is clicked over text or image hyperlink). Thus, giving HTML it's name: Hyper Text Mark-up Language (HTML). HTML documents are saved as "Filenameyoupick.html"

*Note: You can see the text/raw HTML behind the scenes of any web page. Just select "View / Source" from your Internet Browser options.

Tags (tags are specific instructions for Internet Browsers to interpret and display content accordingly)
Every HTML page contains certain "tags" to properly display a web page. And every HTML page has two sections "head" and "body".

*Notice each section; html, head, title, and body each have a opening tag <> and a closing tag </>

The HEAD Section Can Contain
Page Title, Javascript, Web site Descriptions, Web Site Keywords. Aside from Page Title I will leave the others out for now to keep things simplier and because they are not required in order for your new web page to function properly.


*The TITLE open and close tags are between the head tags (this is because the Title belongs in the head section of a web page. The TITLE is not displayed on the web page, it is displayed in the browser. Look to the top left corner of your brower and you will see this pages Title; "How to Make a Web Site".

The Body Section contains all of your text, graphics, and links.

Other Common HTML Tags
<br> = break return (starts a new line in a web page)
<p> = starts a new paragraph
<br>&nbsp; = break return and non breaking space (forces a new line and space)

Additional Tags
For each image, table, text, color, sound, and other options there additional "tags" which let the browser know how to handle each situation.

Adding Text to your HTML Page
Adding Text to your HTML Page

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