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Welcome to the Affiliate Programs Directory

What are Affiliate Programs?
Affiliate programs are a way to make money or increase revenue from your web site.

How do Affiliate Programs Work?
You place advertisements and text links (with embedded tracking codes) on your web site to various companies web sites. When your web site visitors click on these advertisements to visit these companies.  Your embedded link code lets the company know your web site was responsible for each visit you send. You earn money based on sales, leads, or click thrus generated from the links on your site. The payment details (structure, method of payment) are usually located within the affiliate agreement.

How do I know if I have earned money?
The companies hosting affiliate programs give you a username and a password to log into the "Affiliate" section of thier site so you can access your traffic and revenue statistics. There you will also find creative marketing materials, banner images, suggested text links, and your unique tracking code to use to when linking to thier site.
Affiliate Program Scams, Legal Loop Holes, and Dishonest Crooks
You should be very leary and skeptical of many affiliate programs. Be sure to carefully read the affiliate agreement before you Apply/Sign up. Common Affiliate Program Scams (BEWARE)
Where to Join Affiliate Programs? (Recommended Affiliate Programs)
Joining affiliate programs is easy. Setting up affiliate program links is also easy. The hardest part is finding honest affiliate programs. There are many scams and affiliate hosts that do not pay affiliates for money they have earned.

Can I Start an Affiliate Program?
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