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Merchant Accounts
To accept credit cards you will need a merchant account. Merchant accounts provide credit card processing. Some merchant account companies will process both online and offline credit card transactionsand wire transfers.

All merchant account companies process credit card transactions securely. The main difference between companies is thier offers, cost, technical ability, support, and ease of use.

Provides online home based and small business owners with a merchant account to accept credit cards. Free ecommerce shopping cart. Free Setup, Free Application, Free Tech Support, Free Shopping Cart Software, Free Internet Check Software. Plus instant approvals. Plus you get a web-based credit card processing terminal so you can process transactions manually (online or offline). EASY!


American Bank Card Corp
CC Now
Charge National
Got Merchant
Integrity Payment Systems
Merchant 1 USA
Merchant Accounts
Merchant Account Expert
Merchant Accounts for Less
Merchant Express
Merchant Warehouse
Paynet Systems
Rock Bottom Merchant Accounts
CSI Card: credit card processing for traditional and Internet businesses. 
1st Commerce
Merchant Bank Card
Merchant Account Forum

Popular Online (Internet) Merchant Accounts
PayPal: lets you send money to anyone with email. PayPal is free for consumers and works seamlessly with your existing credit card and checking account.

Merchant Equiptment
Merchant Account 1: Credit Machine, Wireless Machines, Eclipse Terminals, ATM Machines.
Merchant Equiptment
Merchant Wholesalers
Merchant Systems

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