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Automotive Loans, Car Financing
Getting approved for a auto loan before you shop is a good idea. Cash offers on preowned vehicles might get you a better price. If you are buying from a automotive dealer you can avoid dealer financing. Automotive dealers make ALOT of money when they finance the vehicle. Not only do they make a profit from the sale of the automobile, but they also get the interest you pay on your car loan. Ultimately, all of the money they receive from the sale of your vehicle comes out of your pocket. Get a good rate elsewhere and avoid additional haggling.
Need an Auto Loan?: Automotive is the leading information source on the Internet for the New & Used car shopper. FREE quotes on new cars, used cars, and auto loans, as well as access to a wealth of information and tools to assist them in making an intelligent and informed car buying decision.

My Auto Loan
MyAutoLoan: We offer New or Used car loans, Refinance loans, Private Party loans or a Lease Buyout loans. Customers complete 1 easy, fast and secure loan application and receive online up to 4 real loan offers to choose from. Apply for an Auto Loan Now

Road Loans
RoadLoans is a auto loan site. Once approved, customers are given a RoadLoansCheck to carry to the dealer, which allows them to negotiate like a cash buyer.

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