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MetroFax. Email Fax Service. Don’t Compromise Reliability and Service. US Tech Support. $12.95/mo.
Internet’s best faxing solution. MetroFax customers receive 1,000 included pages with each month of service! No long-term subscriber commitments, local and toll-free fax numbers, faxing that works with e-mail programs, virtually every Windows application, or as software-free Web-based service with the new MetroFax Dashboard.

eFax: convenient, cost-effective communication and messaging solutions. With eFax Plus, members receive a local fax number for sending and receiving faxed documents as email attachments.

Try RapidFax FREE – instant activation : With RapidFAX you can send and receive faxes through your email, at our website, or both. RapidFAX combines the utility of fax with high-speed Internet connected computing to meet the needs of the small office and home office.

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