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Fitness: Fitness is the magazine devoted to your total well-being -- mind, body and spirit. Every issue gives you an inspiring, balanced approach to looking and feeling your best, from exclusive exercise programs that get real results to expert advice about sensible weight loss. Fitness features the latest news about protecting your health, reducing stress, eating for energy, along with the best of beauty, fashion, travel, fast low-fat recipes and more. Reach your personal goals now with this terrific magazine.   
Men's Fitness
Men's Fitness: Men's Fitness shows you how to build a big body fast! Lose your spare tire. Bulk up your biceps. Look great without a shirt on. Be more confident. Enjoy more pleasure from lovemaking than ever before. Improve your whole life right now with Men's Fitness!   
Muscle & Fitness
Muscle & Fitness: Muscle & Fitness is your guide to getting a bigger, better body. Get ripped with killer workouts. Stay lean while adding muscle. Avoid beginner's mistakes. Only Muscle & Fitness brings you the 13 best workouts to blast every muscle in your body, the secret 1,000-calorie workout the pros use and the 7 best new fat burners you won't hear about anywhere else. Plus, every issue of Muscle & Fitness is packed with training techniques, nutrition plans, supplement advice and so much more. Muscle & Fitness is your ultimate personal trainer!   
Natural Health
Natural Health: Stay young and healthy for years to come -- the natural way -- with Natural Health, the one-of-a-kind magazine of natural healing. Natural Health will help you simplify your life with common sense remedies. Discover the amazing natural wonder cures doctors won't tell you about -- because they aren't taught in medical schools. Eat your way to health. Give your body the gift of nurture. Transform your relationships. Natural Health shows you how to feel good, look good and do good! Only Natural Health brings you instant stress relief techniques, revolutionary allergy remedies, 35 ways to manage menopause without hormone therapy, the 25 most powerful herbs and how to use them, foods that can cut your risk of cancer by 50%, natural body care treatments, ways to end anger and keep your cool and much, much more. Get healthy, stay healthy and take charge of your life with Natural Health!
Prevention: Prevention magazine delivers clear news and information on health and wellness issues. Each issue provides practical strategies for weight loss, starting and maintaining an exercise program, improving nutrition and disease prevention.
Shape: With Shape, you'll look beautiful and feel great! Build a bikini body. Kick your metabolism into high gear. Melt away pounds that never come back. Stay motivated. Enjoy more intimate sex -- with the lights on. Sculpt sleek, strong, sexy arms. Blow off tension and relieve stress. Shape up your whole life with Shape!   
Weight Watchers
Weight Watchers: Take control of your life with Weight Watchers! Every issue of Weight Watchers is packed with the secrets, tips and techniques the experts use to get in shape and stay that way. Plus, Weight Watchers brings you endless support and motivation from real women all year long to keep you on track. With Weight Watchers, you'll shed those unwanted pounds forever, take inches off your trouble spots, learn simple ways to stay healthy and trim, feel content and energized, understand how to conquer cravings, enjoy delicious and healthy meals that are easy to make and so much more! You'll look good, feel great and live healthier every day for the rest of your life with Weight Watchers.   
Whole Living
Whole Living: Whole Living encourages and inspires people to lead balanced, authentic lives that express their values through their choices and actions. We give them the information they need to care for themselves, their families, and the planet in a way that is healthy, sustainable, and personally satisfying.Whole Living is a Martha Stewart publication. 

Family Wellness
Pathways to Family Wellness
Pathways to Family Wellness: Pathways to Family Wellness helps parents make informed, holistic healthcare choices for their families by providing thought-provoking articles and vital resources. Each issue of Pathways invites parents to explore personal options for family natural wellness through their careful selection of tested and proven resources and pertinent suggestions.

Gluten Free

Gluten-Free Living
Gluten-Free Living: Gluten-Free Living is the only national magazine dedicated to helping people who need to follow a gluten-free diet due to symptoms or the diagnosis of celiac disease. Gluten-Free Living offers practical advice, tips and information on how to decode mystery ingredients, and recipes & menus to avoid the problems associated with this widespread affliction.
Childrens Medical

Pediatrics For Parents
Pediatrics For Parents: Learn about children's health with Pediatrics for Parents. Each issue is packed full of articles on children's health, advances in pediatrics, harmful products and more. The articles are written by health professionals.   
For Physicians and Healthcare Professionals
Medical Economics
Medical Economics: Edited for physicians in office, group & managed-care environments. 

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