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Hand Tools a trusted Tool Distributor since 1978: Tool King is one of America's largest and most trusted tool distributors since 1978. We have been recognized as an Inc 500 Company for three successive years and a top e-commerce site by Internet Retailer. Since 1978, Tool King has made a name for itself by offering competitive pricing on tools and machinery, while providing a better level of service than the competition.

We offer the best prices on name brand Power Tools, Cordless Tools, Air Tools, Automotive Tools, Hand Tools, Power Cords, Storage Chests, Gardening Tools, and Woodworking Tools.

Clamps Hammers
C-Clamps, Bar Clamps, Pipe Clamps, Corner/Edge Clamps, Spring Clamps, Toggle Clamps, Woodworking Clamps, Other Clamps, Cable Ties, Vises, Regular/Heavy Duty Clamps, Light/Medium Duty Clamps, Self Positioning Hold Down Clamps, Super Quick Clamps, Rapid Action Lever Clamps, Cantilever Clamps, Face and Angle Clamps, Speciality Clamps, Replacement Screws, Morpads, Wedges, Clamp Grips, Clips, Insert Plates  Sledge Hammers, Claw Hammers, Mallets, Cross Pein Hammers, Ball Pein Hammers, Framing Hammers, Replacement Hammer Face, Screw On/Press On Tip Hammers, Brass Hammers, Copper Hammers, Dead Blow Hammers, Soft Alloy Head Hammers, Masonry Hammers, Regular Hammers 
Ratchets Pliers
Breaker Bars, T-Bar Drivers, Ratchets - 1/4" Drive, Ratchets - 3/8" Drive, Ratchets - 1/2" Drive, Ratchets - Dual Drive, Adapters, Extensions - 1/4" - 3/8", Extensions - 1/2" - 3/4" , Ratchets - 3/4" Drive  Other Pliers, Locking Pliers, Long/Needle Nose Pliers, Tongue & Groove Pliers, Slip Joint Pliers, Linesman Pliers, Diagonal Cutting Pliers, Electrician Pliers, Hose Clamp Pliers, SuperGrip Gripping Pliers, Welder's Pliers, Speciality Pliers, Plier Set 
Wrenches Measuring Tools
Adjustable Wrenches, Pipe Wrenches, Locking Wrenches, Nut Wrenches/Drivers, Crowfoot Wrenches, Wrench Sets - SAE, Wrench Sets - Metric, Wrench Sets - SAE/Metric, Wrenches - Single SAE, Wrenches - Single Metric, Pipe and Locking Wrenches  Angle Finders, Tape Measures, Rulers, Calipers, Dial Indicators, Telescoping Gauges, Miscellaneous, Chalk Line Tools, Micrometers, Depth/Height Gages, Measuring Tool Sets, Measuring Wheels, Light, Sound, Speed Testers, Line/Open Reel Tapes, Fish Tapes 
Hand Tools Cutting Tools
Other Hand Tools, Tool Sets, Retrievers, Pipe/Tubing Tools, Sharpening Tools, Brushes, Tap & Die Sets, Files, Multipurpose Tools, Locks, Inspection Tools, Rivet/Grommet Tools, Punches, Chisels/Picks, PC/Comm Servicing Tools, Hand Shears, Metal Putty, Benders, Cleaning Equipments, Marking Tools, Speciality Hand Tools, Installers and Pullers  Hand Saws, Axes, Knives, Scrapers, Snips, Cutters 
Screwdrivers Levels & Squares
Ratchet Screwdrivers, Phillips Screwdrivers, Flathead Screwdrivers, Screwdriver Sets, Precision/Micro Screwdriv, Star Keys/Bits, Other Screwdrivers, Hex Keys, Hex Bits, Hex/Torx Bit Sockets  Box Levels, I-Beam Levels, Torpedo Levels, Digital Levels, Plate Levels, Laser Levels, Plumb Bobs, Box Levels - Magnetic, Post Levels, Gradient Levels, Trapeze Frame Levels, Squares - Up to 12", Squares - 12" and up, Line Levels/Plumb Bobs, Specialty Levels and Level Accessories, Magnetic Squares 
Sockets Concrete Mixers
Socket Sets - 1/4" SAE, Socket Sets - 3/8" SAE, Socket Sets - 1/2" SAE, Socket Sets - 1/4" Metric, Socket Sets - 3/4" SAE, Socket Sets - 1" SAE, Socket Sets - 3/8" Metric, Socket Sets - 1/2" Metric, Socket Sets - 3/4" Metric, Socket Sets - Other, Sockets - Single 1/4" Dr, Sockets - Single 3/8" Dr, Sockets - Single 1/2" Dr, Sockets - Single 3/4" Dr, Socket Sets - SAE/Metric  Concrete Mixers a trusted Tool Distributor since 1978

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