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Welcome fellow web masters, Business owners, and Marketers.

VERY IMPORTANT! Please read the following in order to get your site(s) listed in the OfficialUSA web portal.

How to get a Excellent listing!

1) Link back to us from your site
In order to be fair to the sites that link back to us, a link back to us is required.  Besides, if our site(s) is/are good enough that you want your site to be listed here then we are worthy of a link back to our site.

2) Link back to us before submitting your site
All Suggested sites are visited by a human. We are growing, expanding, updating, upgrading and visiting sites that have submitted in the past to verify the links to us remain (as thier link will remain on our site).  Sites are generally viewed within 24 hours of submission (often within 5 minutes) and we can not revisit new sites several times to verify reciprical links.

Note to Web Marketing and SEO companies: You are charging customers for web marketing and SEO services and then submitting your customers sites here.  We figure if we do not charge for our listings, others should not profit from our listings either. However, we are willing to add sites for webmarketers and SEO companies (bulk addresses even) but EACH site we add must provide a link back to us and NOT from a "Links" page.

3) A link back from a list of links on a link page is useless and will not be accepted as a link back.
Links back to us SHOULD NOT be from Links pages or Link Partner Pages.
We maintain directories.  When you submit your site to us we add your site exactly where it should be listed. By both, topic and location. From us you will receive highly targeted traffic and excellent sales ratios (or visitor interest if you are not selling anything). We do not even have a "links" page.

(Furthermore.... top search engines penalize sites which enchange links purely to gain popularity. It is pretty easy to figure out that sites swaping links with sites with "links", and "resources" pages are doing exactly that).

4) Link to a page that has content relevant to the site (or page) you are submitting or link to Our Home Page
Links back to us should link to either our home page or to a page that has content relevant to the site (or page) you want to submit.

5) Use proper link text, description, or image has a golfing directory. We do not want you to link to with a link called "USA Golf"
Our sites have many topics and we do not want to appear like we are limited to one topic. Either link to the appropriate page with the correct text or link to our main page.

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Legal Note: We reserve the right to exclude certain sites from our directories for but not limited to the following reasons.
Sites promoting hate and violence, and sites with excessive advertising.

Hint: Content filled sites with a proper link back will get you maximum exposure!

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